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Small business ideas for Ex-convicts – Considering this in mind, a felony conviction does not always mean an end to one’s life. Finding work is one of the most difficult tasks for felons once they are released from prison. In a society that despises you and still perceives you as a criminal, your chances of obtaining work are slim.

If you have been having trouble finding work as a felon, you may need to broaden your limits and think outside the box. So, why not create the job if you cannot find one? In addition, by that, it means establishing your own business. First, you must find your special ability. What are your strongest skills? Once you have figured out your skill sets you can move to the next stage.

Small Business Ideas for Ex-Convicts – The money making ideas

Check out these small business ideas for ex-convicts

Start Event Planning Business

Creative people can find this money making small business idea for felons quite interesting. However, before you begin you should make sure you understand what an event planner is and that you have the following skills.

  • Time management and organization
  • Budget management and negotiation
  • Public relations, marketing, and creative

Obtaining a professional certificate in the sector should also be beneficial.

Garden care

If you are good at it or want to learn, then you can choose to work in a garden for a living. If you buy entirely new equipment, starting a garden care service can cost up to $15,000 or more. However, you can save a lot of money by buying used equipment. Let us have a look at the next profitable low-cost business idea for convicts on the list.

Start a hair salon as part of small business ideas for ex-convicts

A hair salon is a very safe bet when it comes to operating a business – the beauty industry is worth $532 billion per year. Moreover, it is a steady business, which often remains unaffected during economic recessions. The cost of starting a salon starts around $3000 for a good but basic setup.


This can be a lucrative business if you are talented at capturing images or keen to learn how to do so. You can get started by creating a Facebook page or a website. If you already own a camera, that is fantastic because your costs will be minimal. You can hire a studio and spend more in the business once you start attracting clients.

Start a Food Truck

This is another low-cost profitable business idea. You do not have to go fancy or rent a place to become a food truck owner. In addition, you can do it all by yourself without any compulsory degree. Of course, if your want to go professional you can get a formal diploma in cooking.

Is Web Designing one of the best small business ideas for ex-convicts?

Because the demand for web designers continues to rise, being a web designer is one of the most successful business ideas for ex-convicts. This is great news for you if you want to learn or if you already know how to do it. A huge amount of money is not required as you can start your business from your own home.

Money Making Delivery Service – Best small business ideas for ex-convicts

If you do not have a large amount of money to invest in a business then a delivery service is a perfect fit for you. These money making small business ideas for ex-convicts do not require much to invest. However, before you start you can post your service ad in a local newspaper that you are happy to assist in delivery.

Cleaning Service

Cleaning can simply be turned into a company if you like it. You can provide cleaning services to homeowners and business institutions with a small workforce, and a variety of cleaning materials. Cleaning services are straightforward enterprises with low expenses; all you need is some preparation and marketing to get your company noticed.

Real estate agents

The property market can be stressful for many people. As a real estate agent, you may assist clients in finding their homes. To become a real estate agent in many states, you only need to take a few months of classes in order to pass the exam.

Dog Walking

If you like dogs and do not mind spending time with them then these can be great small business ideas for ex-convicts. You can fulfill people’s requirements that need someone to take care of their dog, as they are too busy with their schedule.

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