Best online degrees for felons – The past does not have to affect your future, especially if you have rectified your wrong and wanted to move forward with your life. Meanwhile, a felon is able to continue many degree programs, find work in particular fields that may be tougher than others may. Furthermore, the right college degree and technical training can enhance your chances to get high-paying jobs if you have a felony in your record.

In addition to this, many different career options are available for felons after the compilation of degrees. To help with choosing the right for imprisoning felons, we have assembled a list of the five best online degrees for felons. These programs can open the doors for promising employment and help give a starting place for your research.

Graphic Design

Graphic design careers continue to be in the highest demand by a number of different organizations. This will be a magnificent choice for ex-felons seeking a degree that gives job training and good wages. Furthermore, students have shown their creative skills, which are engaging to those interested in art and the artistic process.

Meanwhile, graphic design degrees are readily available at the associate and bachelor’s degree levels. Students complete this online in just 18 months’ time. It includes the basics of graphic design, typography, and computer design. Graphic designing can work in a wide company or continue self-employment.

Construction Management – One of the best online degrees for felons

Construction management programs prepare graduates for a particular job in a trade setting. Whereas, it offers mainly bachelors and masters degrees. Furthermore, the construction management program teaches students how to plan, maintain all the moving parts of the commercial and residential sectors.

The occupation is at a rapid pace with a high level of companies and leadership. It ensures job opportunities on time with a limited budget. In addition to this, it also includes construction materials and methods, construction scheduling, mechanical principles, and structural principles. Construction management is expected to have high demand through 2028.


One of the most popular choices for a felon’s career is history; this is for those who are interested in historical information and analysis of the past. A bachelor’s degree in history has served as a pathway to graduate in several fields. As a liberal art, history teaches critical think, analysis writing, and research, all the transferable skills that are highly looked after the employers.

A history degree may be convenient to the single with a felony, who is finding an undergraduate degree as means to a successful and significant career. The major is typically cross-disciplinary, which means can select courses from the university.

Best online degrees for felons – Computer Science

Computer Science has always been a most popular crucial due to its ever-changing coursework and demand among employers. The skills and knowledge learned in computer science programs can be applied to almost any company. This gives ex-felons opportunities to apply to jobs everywhere.

It enhances the probability of searching for an employer ready to look past previous offenses, give someone with a felony a chance. Potential computer science majors should possess technical awareness as well as think critically and logically. Computer science course includes database design, computer programming, software development, and introduction of computer science.

Culinary Arts

A degree in culinary arts has given many ex-felons a road to recovering through education and worthwhile employment. It offers the degree at all levels and helps people with entry-level jobs that have great opportunities based on hard work and merit. Students can specialize in particular categories of food and food preparation according to their skills and interests. Culinary programs may be housed within community colleges, which are open-minded and ready to give a second chance to ex-felons.

Moreover, many culinary schools have their own protocols and they allow those with a criminal record. They can pursue an education depending on the nature of the crime committed and how long ago the transgression happened.


Psychology is another most popular degree due to its attractive content and occupational eligibility. Some industries and degrees are difficult for ex-felons to access like health science and education. It can offer several career ways to those who have served the time.

Psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate level educates students to understand what drives human behavior and thinking psychological theories and individuals that have contributed to the discipline. It includes general psychology, abnormal psychology, and more. Career pathways include Social services, private industries, graduate school, and entrepreneurship.

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