Did you know that it is almost impossible for some people with a Felony record to get a profitable source of income or job? Luckily, in this article, you will find a list of some high paying jobs for felons and how you can access these jobs.

We understand the need to get back on track after having a record, especially with the difficulties of getting a decent job, even without one. We will be sharing the 5 most high paying jobs for felons on this list.

The best part is we also have the opportunity to connect you with these jobs if you are a felon looking for work.

  1. HVAC technician:

This is a great job that can earn you as much as  $47,610 each year. The HVAC technicians help install and replace air-conditioning and ventilating systems and this profession is expected to grow by 15% in 2026. The opportunities these job accords are countless given the need of this service by schools, offices, homes and different organizations. 

This profession, however, might require some time in training and may demand extra hours on the weekends.

  1.  Electrician:

With skills as a qualified electrician, you can make as much as $55,000 per year. The demand for this particular skill is on the rise and experts believe it will rise by as much as 14 per cent over the next couple of years.  Using your skill as an electrician, you will install, maintain and repair electrical systems for different buildings including homes, businesses and government buildings as required by your company.

Local laws vary as to the requirement of this position, so you might want to double-check on this to avoid any issues. One of the best parts of this job is that the environments where you will be working will mostly be comfortable.

  1.  Truck Driver:

With the swift change in how the world works, the demand for logistic solutions has increased significantly. People are buying more items online, creating the need to transport these items from the place of storage to the place of purchase.

Being a commercial truck driver is not the most comfortable job, which might be why many people quit after a few months.  However, if you have a driver’s license and are willing to take on this job, you can make as much as $43,690 per year.  You will, however, have to review the terms of employment very carefully before signing up for a commercial truck driver position.

  1. Software Engineer and developer:

Being a software developer and engineer will see you make as much as $80,000 yearly. The good part is that most times the jobs that come with these skills need no background check as long as the skills match the advertised expertise.

You will, however, need to learn how to code and develop these websites and pieces of software and showcase with proof, different products you have created.

  1. Marketing:

Marketing is another field where felons can find employment and make as much as $100,000 annually. In this position, you will help the company connect with its target audience using sales materials that convince them to purchase.  In his position, you will help the company increase profit and create more awareness.

Ultimately, it is not impossible to get a job as a felon. While it may be a difficult task due to one’s record, with the right agency, you can find yourself gainfully employed and set on the right path to getting your life back together.

If you too are a felon, looking for a job then contact us.

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