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If you’ve hit a rough patch in your career, you might be wondering what you can do to turn things around. Building the career of your dreams isn’t just about hunting for that perfect role – it’s about designing a life that truly supports your dreams. If you’re facing barriers to employment because of a felony, platforms like ReeCAREER can help you overcome these obstacles. Here’s how to hone in on your professional strengths, address issues that could be holding you back, like drinking too much, and grow your social circle to tap into new opportunities. Read these self-improvement tips to support your career.

Reflect on Your Career Interests

Maybe you’re currently unemployed, or you’re stuck in a dead-end job that doesn’t feel fulfilling. Take some time to explore other career paths, and consider whether you’d like to seek out a similar position at a company with more room for growth or you’d like to enter a completely new field.

No matter what you decide, this could help – you’ll want to polish up your resume first. You can tweak and tailor your resume to target specific jobs that you’re interested in. To do this, you can include keywords from the job descriptions in your skills section and ensure that your resume suits what particular employers are looking for. Furthermore, you can emphasize different accomplishments and responsibilities in your work history and academic credentials sections.

Focus on Sobriety

If you want to make strides in your career but you’re struggling with your alcohol consumption, it’s time to prioritize cutting back on drinking. Maybe you’ve been trying to drink less, yet you haven’t been successful. This could indicate that it’s time to seek treatment.

Going to rehab is a big decision, but making this choice could change your life for the better. Consider the best rehab centers in the US if you’re ready to commit to a treatment program. To choose the right rehab center for your needs, look up the specific forms of treatment each center offers, as well as their certifications, credentials, and reviews from former clients. There’s no denying that rehab can be expensive, so if you’re concerned about the price, look into facilities that offer free treatment options that are covered by Medicaid or funding from local health programs.

Eliminate Bad Habits

In addition to cutting out alcohol, this is a good time to focus on kicking other habits that might be impeding your career growth. This might mean reducing your screen time, going to bed earlier, logging off from social media, or working out to boost your energy levels.

Invest Time in Networking

If you want to make new friends while simultaneously meeting new contacts in your target industry, it’s time to start networking! The Muse recommends registering for a profile on LinkedIn and reaching out to local contacts in your industry, as well as attending in-person networking events for people in your field and checking out groups centered around your interests and hobbies.

Enhance Your Skill Set

To boost your chances of getting the job you want, it doesn’t hurt to deepen your skill set as you job search. If you’re ready to master new professional skills that could make you a more desirable candidate, OnRec recommends taking online courses, volunteering, looking for a mentor, or even taking on an internship.

It’s not easy to land a job you love. By focusing on improving other aspects of your life, you’ll find it easier to move towards your career goals. With these tips, you’ll be able to meet people who can help you on your journey, update your resume, and ditch unhealthy habits like drinking.

Are you trying to re-enter the job market with a criminal record? ReeCAREER is here for you. Browse our website to explore job opportunities and support programs for felons.

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