It is time to find suitable felon friendly jobs in Florida. According to the latest census, around 25 million people are living in Florida. In many employment areas, a state of this size typically offers a wide range of jobs. However, finding a job is a challenge for many people. On the other hand, for someone with a criminal record finding, felon friendly jobs in Florida could be even more challenging due to limited opportunity and low priority when applying for work.

It is hard to find a job in these difficult times. For those with criminal records, but the question is how much more?

While many companies in Florida offer criminals jobs, you can still have some problems. The offenders are convicted, and this issue overshadows their qualifications as competent staff.

Felon Friendly Jobs in Florida

Most employers in a criminal environment control the applicants. Unfortunately, many of these employers deny an applicant that they have a criminal record, and many people are less able to work.

The National Employment Law Project has a criminal record for around one in four American adults. Criminal background examinations are not always complete or exact, which is why two federal laws protect the applicant and the employee.

List of 5 Felon Friendly Jobs in Florida

Collection of Trash

Many people think that they are too good for collecting trash. However, most often they do not understand it is a great job with a great salary. Moreover, you can help the public as a trash collector and ensure the cleaning of the city. Yes, you might dirty your hands, but your efforts will be rewarding in the end.

Most trash collectors have excellent pay and good advantages. The only problem is that some will not work with criminals, but some will. One of them is Waste Pro, which hires people with a criminal background.

Customers Service Representative

Each company needs a reliable client service department to solve the problems of its customers. Otherwise, many complaints are going to be received, and consumers are going elsewhere. For felons looking to start again, this is a good opportunity.

You can help people, and you can resolve issues regularly as a customer service representative. This fast-responsive work can be fun and intense. You will love to work in customer service if you like challenges.

Working in Retail Industry

Retail is a growing industry, with many retail firms frequently recruiting ex-criminals. You will complete several tasks every day as a retail worker. It will depend on your position for your responsibilities. You will work with customers in some cases directly and help them find the items they need. Otherwise, there may be shelves that you have to stock.

Then you could go out to help you collect carts. There are never-ending opportunities, so the work is always interesting. Florida has great retail possibilities for criminals.

HVACS experts

As a criminal, it is the best felon-friendly job in Florida working as an HVAC technician. You can expect an average annual pay of $30,000 to $40,000 when selecting this option. Workers expect this career between 2020 and 2026 to grow by 15%. HVAC experts install, replace, and repair heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in different settings. They can work in homes, offices, schools, factories, hospitals, etc.

You can search to work in or around nearly any HVAC system building. If you think about this career path, make sure that you know where you are working. Most callers will have difficulty with their HVAC system, so it can be extremely hot or cold at their place. Furthermore, HVAC experts often work on weekends and have unusual routines.

Marketing Professionals – One of the Best felon friendly jobs in Florida

In Florida, marketing is yet another best job for delinquents, and this might be your right choice. The average annual salary for marketers is around $120,000 to $140,000. You help firms create marketing materials that link deeply with their target audience and force them to buy when you work as a marketer. In this job, you will research the market to learn about your employer’s request for products or services and learn more about their ideal customer’s needs and wishes.

Final Thoughts

It is often a difficult task to get a job as a felon, but that does not have to happen. This is the perfect list felon friendly jobs in Florida for a person who wants to improve their life with a felony conviction. Many jobs on the list include on-the-job training, and many others require only a commercial school certification.

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