In the last two years, we have seen an enormous change in the employment numbers across the globe. Many people lost their jobs in 2020 and 2021 as the world faced an economic crisis because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists around the world are discovering new variants of the deadly virus. Felons also faced a hard time finding suitable felon-friendly jobs in New Jersey.

However, they have also developed vaccines to keep people safe from the virus. As people have started accepting ‘the new normal,’ there has been an increase in the employment rate. In New Jersey alone, the state has employed over 561,200 people, or 78 percent of those who lost their jobs.

With the situation gradually improving, it is time for people to find a job that suits them. Approximately 9 million people are living in New Jersey as of now. It means that finding a job can be a task for felons in New Jersey. However, it is not impossible to find a felon-friendly job.

Felon-friendly Jobs in New Jersey

For felons, getting a job can be a big task as companies have a strict policy regarding felons’ applications. Some even prefer denying the applicant if a conviction history is attached to the person. Some organizations and working fields believe in giving a second chance to felons.

Although it might be hard for felons to get accepted for an interview, it is not impossible. Here is a list of 5 felon-friendly jobs in New Jersey.

List of 5 felon-friendly Jobs in New Jersey

1.     Roofer/Laborer by CentiMark Roofing

CentiMark Corporation is among the pioneers of the commercial roofing industry. The company has its offices in different locations. For this profile, a person has to get involved in removing and replacing the roofing systems involved in commercial places.

The company offers a decent hourly wage pay and other benefits. No rules are stating no to felon applicants; hence it is a felon-friendly opportunity. You can get more information about the job here.

2.     Traffic Control Flagger by Area Wide Protective (AWP)

Area Wide Protective is the leading traffic control specialist provider in North America. The traffic control flagger helps in the smooth setup of the equipment at the mentioned work zones. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of the workers and the traffic movement.

The position of traffic control flagger offers decent pay with many attractive benefits such as a joining bonus and referral bonus. Promotions and an increase in hourly wage are subject to the amount of time spent in the company. Visit here to know more about the opportunity.

3.     Warehouse Worker/Delivery Driver by Entrematic (Amarr)

Amarr Garage Doors has an opening for a warehouse worker/delivery driver. The company is a part of the Second Chance Employer program, which means they offer felons jobs. The job offered is physically demanding and involves heavy lifting.

The job has a decent pay scale with the scope of improvement over time. Further, it also offers other medical and general benefits to the employees. It can be a good start for felons trying to get their lives back together. Get more details here.

4.     Newspaper Delivery for Publishers Circulation

If you are having a hard time finding a full-time job, you can always opt for a part-time job. Newspaper Delivery is a significant industry role in the printing and publishers market. Frequent hiring is going on for this role across different areas in New Jersey.

It can be a great source of double income for a person and fetch you good money. Moreover, the job comes with a joining bonus to help you with your expenses. The listing does not require any background checks, making it perfect for ex-offenders. Check info here.

5.     Reentry Coalition of New Jersey

The Reentry Coalition of New Jersey is an organization that is working for the betterment of felons. People here believe that offenders deserve a second chance at their life. The organization teams up with several public and private sectors to make jobs available.

They believe in equality and have a job for almost everyone, irrespective of their record. It can be an excellent place for a person looking for a fresh start in life. For more info, visit here.

These are the top felon-friendly Jobs in New Jersey. You can check

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