Finding suitable jobs for felons in Texas can be slightly tricky, but it is not impossible. Many states in the US have been focusing on ex-convicts’ futures and those who get out of prison. Several states like Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc., have started their re-entry programs.

Texas is another state that has focused on the welfare of ex-convicts to help them lead honest life. These opportunities are essential for the ex-felons and the state to help reduce the crime rate. With no acceptance, an ex-convict might consider going back to committing crimes to make ends meet.

Suitable Jobs for Felons in Texas

The last two years have significantly impacted the economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The unemployment rate rocketed in every state, which caused openings for various levels of jobs. The re-entry programs help people get entry-level jobs to give them a kick-start for their careers.

Moreover, The Reentry and Integration Division’s Website for Work offers benefits to employers. Under this program, educated and skilled felons connect with employers who need them. The employers get benefitted from reduction/exemption in taxes. It worked as a great incentive to hire ex-felons to get more employers on board with this idea.

Let us look at these five suitable jobs for felons in Texas.

List of 5 Suitable Jobs for Felons in Texas

1. Apparel Sorter for Goodwill Industries of Houston

Goodwill Industries Houston is a non-profit organization and a second chance employer. The apparel sorter position allows the person to participate in a retail working environment. The roles and responsibilities of the person are to sort clothing goods and inspect for quality standards.

The selected candidate will be responsible for notifying the manager of low or overstocking of the merchandise. If required, the person might have to carry out janitorial work. The candidate will be offered $10 per hour and health, dental, & vision insurance. They also get store discounts.

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2. Traffic Control Flagger for Area Wide Protective

Area Wide Protective is among the biggest second change employers in the country. AWP has helped many people get back on the right track with job openings. The role of the traffic control flagger is to be with the crew and ensure the safety of the workers and people.

The employee has to set up safe work zones with appropriate equipment. The job offers $15-$16 per hour, competitive pay, a $250 referral incentive, a pay increase in the first two years, insurance support, etc. You also get training on the job to improve your skills.

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3. Retail Team Lead for Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Houston is a non-profit organization serving the welfare of the people who need a new start. The organization is a second chance employer helping people out of prison to find a job. Above all, the retail team lead position allows the person to work in a retail setting.

The team lead will take up the management responsibilities whenever the manager and assistant manager are unavailable. Supervise the training procedure and track the development of the team members. The person should have basic computer skills and prior experience in retail sales. Moreover, the job offers $14 per hour with additional insurance and other benefits.

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4. Truck Driver for Sanitation Department

The truck driver position for the Sanitation Department, City of Dallas, started under the FreshStart Employment Program. Most importantly, the job comes under the employment program to give a second chance to people impacted by criminal records.

The candidate should have a valid Class A or B commercial CDL driver’s license. The driver has to deliver goods and equipment within city limits on different types of trucks. They will occasionally have to drive the sanitation department truck as well. The job offers $20 an hour for this work.

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5. Food Production Worker ($12-$12.50 per hour)

Since 1975, John Soules Foods has been the manufacturer of ready-to-cook and fully cooked beef and chicken products. These products are sold under the company name, and they also sell some products by other brands. The company has a monthly bonus policy as well.

Furthermore, the candidate must be willing to work for at least six days and sometimes seven depending on the production demand. It is an 8-hour shift with a signing bonus, 401(k), Dental, and other health insurances. There are different shift timings available for the people.

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(Note: These jobs are fetched from the job searching platform Indeed, click the link to search for more related jobs for felons.) 

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