Struggling to Find job with a criminal record in your past? If you have a felony in your record then the employer will hesitate to hire you. The consequences of a criminal record can be weakening, and there are certain proven ways to get a job with a felony record.

The national employment law project suggests that people who have a criminal record are not plagued when they apply for a job. The suggestions are that you cannot control what the employer does, but you can control how you present yourself, and how you conduct your job search. 

Enhance your odds to be a successful start with the right steps. For instance, you should make a positive first impression. If the employer asks about your past then no need to hide, tell them everything and build trust. 

A loyal employee is the first precedence of every company. Therefore, here we have shared research about how can you find a job with a criminal record.

Find job with a criminal record – Applying for a job

While applying for a job you should know your rights. In such cases, you do not have to tell the employer about your past felony record.

  • It includes when a prison is not currently pending or does not result in a crime.
  • Going through a pre-trial adjudication of a felony that is not done by you.
  • Put in custody by a juvenile court and now you are an adult. You may need to have your juvenile records sealed or remove them.
  • You have removed your crime by getting a certificate of rehabilitation or a similar document.
  • A minor drug crime happened, and many years have passed since the conviction.

Mind the Network when you find job with a criminal record

Whether or not you have a felony record, the most successful means to finding a job is still an old-fashioned way. It is often referred to as the hidden job market. The majority of employers prefer internal resources to advertise online. In fact, employers ask existing employees if they have any referrals before advertising online.

It happened because hiring a new employee is costly as compared to referral. If that employee turns out not to be a good fit, then the employer loses their time and money.

Therefore, having family members or friends refers it build the trust atmosphere. This fact can help if you have a felony in your record. Someone will regard your criminal past if his or her trusted employee is willing to vouch for you.

Avoid Employment that requires License

It is depending upon the nature of the job you are looking for; different employers perform different nature of background checks. Typically professional jobs often require licensing and for you to do a fingerprint background check.

This kind of background check will often reveal your felony record. Moreover, if a license is essential, contact the licensing agency to verify the license is accessible with a waiver or departure. Some criminal records do not ban certain categories of employment licensing.

Seek employment in a small company

Again, it is depending upon the kind of job you are looking for; different employers have different nature of background checks.

If you talk about the large or more established companies, they have systematic and well-established human resources departments. It performs thorough felony backgrounds checks. Whereas, small companies do not run large background checks before hiring felons.

The most important is disclosure with honesty, as it is the best policy. You might find that a friendly and accepting of responsibility helps you get the job that you are looking for. Lying about your felony past may ruin your chances to get a dream job.

Make Great impression

If you apply for an interview, reminisce that a good impression can go a long way. In fact, social experts tell us that it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression.

Moreover, the sad part is, we all make the first impression on behalf of how a person looks. When someone is dressed professionally, we make a few judgments and assumptions about that person.

You can use this as an advantage and go well dressed for your interview. Make sure you look and show that you are part of your employer that you want the job. Additionally, try to make your impression before they review your record if you can.

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