How to rent an apartment with felony record – Life is not always fair. The Fair Housing Act protects various potential renters against discrimination. However, a felony conviction is not one of them. If you have a felony on your criminal record, a property owner may reject your application because you made a mistake. Now it has become a permanent stain on your record. Even if you have a felony on your record, you still have many options left. In the following post, you will go over how to rent an apartment with a felony.

Anyone going through the application process to rent an apartment is instantly scrutinized. When you have a crime on your record, you can expect a more thorough investigation. However, there is always another path open when one closes.

Tips to rent an apartment with felony record

So, what are your options? To begin, look for apartment buildings that do not do background checks. You can also connect with a reputable real estate agent who is familiar with the rental market. Here are six tips you can follow to improve your chances of finding an apartment.

Look for Private Landlords Rather Than Property Management Firms

Instead of looking for flats managed by property management corporations, look for apartments that individuals own.

Applicants usually go through a lengthy background and screening process to rent from a management company. Dealing with a property owner who understands may be preferable to dealing with a management firm.

Rent an Apartment with Felony Record – Mind your Resources

Property Agents and others in the real estate business are in charge of finding housing for people who qualify. Putting your resources to good use and spreading the word about what you need will you achieve your need faster than you imagine. It is essential to keep in mind that this method requires patience and perseverance. So, discuss to as many people as possible. As a serious applicant one can share the steps taken.

Be Truthful when you Rent an Apartment with Felony Record

You cannot easily get away with lying these days, thanks to the internet and social media. Besides a background check, a simple Google search may yield a wealth of information. Thus, cheating on your application could result in you being kicked out or rejected as a tenant.

Even if you manage to rent an apartment with a felony without your property owner’s consent, if they later discover you are lying, there is a chance you could be evicted. This situation can be quite stressful for you being picked up by police

Show That you are a Success Story

Bring the necessary documentation to prove your good character. You should be prepared with proof that illustrates how you have taken strides to move forward with your life, just like those who have been evicted or have terrible credit.

Bring letters of recommendation or letters from friends, relatives, and places where you have worked or volunteered. These could indicate that you are a trustworthy individual who is reintegrating into society with a positive attitude.

Search for Community Groups That Assist Felons

There are several social groups for felons that can assist them in getting back on their feet. Whether having difficulty finding work, an apartment, or getting your GED (General Educational Development), there are organizations all around the country that can help. First, you should list all these organizations and contacting them one by one. Again, you will want to ask the right questions to ensure you are getting the most out of your situation.

Request to Seal or Clear Your Record

This option might not be available for every person with a criminal record, but an option worth trying. If you want to rent an apartment with a felony, you can determine whether your case is eligible. Ask questions to your attorney and learn about the requirements in your state for sealing or clearing your record.

To complete the procedure, you have to follow states specific procedures. You will also need multiple copies of your criminal record. These copies would be used for state requirements. Finally, make sure you handle everything promptly and keep all the paper at work.


The above suggestions may not specifically work for everyone’s requirement, but it is great to try from some point. We acknowledge your tough situation and appreciate that you are moving forward—our wishes are with you in your search.

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