No doubt, many companies in our country don’t like to hire ex-felons due to their past criminal records. This is especially true for public businesses that are interacting with customers directly. Nonetheless, there is some hope still left for them. Pursuing a degree is probably one of the best decisions for them to secure felon-friendly jobs. It will definitely make them compatible with standing in front of employers, offering second chance jobs for felons in 2022. So, let’s learn about those degrees.


Obtaining a degree in this field provides a self-occupational choice along with financial freedom. Besides that, it offers the knowledge, expertise, as well as experience to start your own business. As mentioned earlier, nowadays, many ex-felons find it extremely difficult to secure felon-friendly jobs. But if they obtain a degree in this field, they can be easily self-employed. Most business schools and colleges offer a degree course in this field. So, felons can join any of those colleges and obtain a college degree after successful completion.

Substance Abuse Counseling

While living in jail, felons experience lots of incidents of substance abuse. We know not all felons are drug or alcohol addicted. But some of them may witness their jailmate as a victim of drug abuse. And that person had gone throw the counseling process. So, it is quite normal that they have a grown curiosity about the counseling method. When they are set free from prison, they have an intention to help those people. And help them to get rid of that addiction. Hence, getting a degree in this field can make them suitable to fulfill their desire.

Culinary Arts

No doubt, a degree in this field offers chances to build a promising career for many ex-felons. In fact, we have seen nowadays many ex-felons have become employed as they completed their studies in this field. Many colleges and culinary schools offer degrees at all levels. These degrees are proven extremely helpful for them to secure felon-friendly jobs in fresher positions.


We know every felon spends some time in jail. So, some of them might have grown interested in studying the psychological behavior of other jail mates. When they are out of jail, they have a common desire to serve as a psychologist. But to serve in this specific field, they need a degree. Many colleges offer a degree in this particular field. Hence, having a degree in this field can make their dream true. And they can secure felon-friendly jobs in this field.

Construction Management

Having a degree in this field offers any individual, including felons. They can explore countless chances to serve in this busy sector. It mainly teaches them how to plan, manage, and run every process related to construction projects. You can find many colleges and universities in our country, offering a bachelor’s degree in this field. Felons can join any of those colleges and obtain a degree to serve in this field.


We know every felon has to go through many legal processes throughout their life. So, it is quite normal some of them may have grown curious about this career. Earning a paralegal degree might help them to meet their dream of serving as a paralegal. Mainly, their job role is to assist the lawyers in their work. Many colleges and universities offer degree courses in this field. So, felons can easily join any of those colleges to fulfill their desire.

Vocational Studies

Vocation study in any particular path is always proven helpful to the felons to get felon-friendly jobs. They can find various chances to rebuild their career in a job that pays well. Many community colleges and universities offer many vocational degree programs to enhance the skill and experience of any individual. Felons can join any of those programs and secure a job after completing their study.

Final Thought

So, there are many degree programs for felons that could open doors to exciting careers. However, we always recommend checking every detail of the entry process for felons in any particular college. At the same time, they should remember their passion when choosing the right degree course.

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