Getting a job with a felony background may be challenging but it is attainable. No doubt, the unemployment rate has increased significantly since the emergence of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. But there are still some hopes left for ex-felons. You will find many US companies welcome felons with open arms in 2022. These companies are committed to offering more jobs for felons. Want to know about those companies? Well, let’s learn about the 7 biggest US companies that hire felons in 2022.

1. McDonald’s

As one of the largest global fast food chains, McDonald’s is happy to offer jobs for ex-felons. We have found many ex-felons working happily in this company. However, the process of hiring varies from state to state. Some states require running a background check while others don’t. So, make sure to conduct proper research before applying for a job at McDonald’s.

2. Microsoft

Many felons consider major companies like Microsoft don’t promote the process of felony employment. But this is not at all true. Microsoft is known as a felon-friendly company. It has a history of offering second chance jobs for felons. The company has adopted different employment programs to remove the barriers to felony employment.

3. Starbucks

When it comes to felony employment, Starbucks is considerably more interested than many felons expect. It is one of those companies that hire felons in 2022. Besides, the company offers several benefits like health coverage, subsidized education, and paid time off to them. However, as a felon, you have to go through background checks. But that doesn’t mean you are out of consideration.

4. General Mills

Getting a job with a felony background is quite possible at General Mills. It is one of those felon-friendly companies that hire felons in 2022. So, your felony background will not create any problem with your job application. All it matters is the nature of the crime and the time when it was committed. Apart from that, the company also conducts a drug test as part of the interview process. 

5. Coca-Cola

This company can be a perfect choice for felons to secure a job upon release. As a leading beverage company, it belongs to the type of those US companies that hire felons in 2022. Fortunately, it only considers the criminal records of the last five years. So, if you have a felony record older than 5 years, there is no need to disclose that during the interview.

6. Amazon

Every year Amazon offers many jobs for the right applicants. The company has no issue with an applicant with a felony background. Instead, this felon-friendly company values the skills and experience of that particular applicant. So, if a felon has the correct skillset, he should apply to Amazon without a doubt. 

7. Delta Airlines

The airline industry is desperate to restore after the crisis of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. So there is no doubt they need new employees. And Delta Airlines is not the exception to this. This company can be the ideal choice for felons to attain a job. However, you have to go through the FAA background check. It is mandatory for the hiring process in the airline industry. 

Final Thoughts

No way, felons have to face more detailed interviews as well as pass more tests to obtain a job. However, if they have a list of felon-friendly companies, they can target those companies. That is the reason for posting this blog about companies that hire felons. We hope it will increase your chance of getting a job with a felony record in 2022. 

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