The Re-entry Programs for Felons in Virginia give them a second chance to integrate back into society after release from prison. Meanwhile, these programs also give the participants an evidence-based assessment and screening to identify focused solutions. Most importantly, these programs improve felon’s chances of success and prevent recidivism.

In addition to this, the participants in the program can focus on their future and improve their lives through classes, and meetings. Moreover, it is beneficial to enroll in re-entry employment programs. They provide job skills training, work experience opportunities, and job search. So let us look at some of the suitable re-entry programs for felons in Virginia

Re-entry Programs for Felons in Virginia – Find the suitable ones here


AFOI aims to provide regular, meaningful community resources, and other services. Moreover, it assists the family in coping with incarceration and preparing for release and reunification. However, the services also assist families to prepare a smooth transition for the convicts released from jail. Just a few programs in Virginia and around the country provide these services.

Virginia Bonding Program

This program is similar to Federal Bonding Program. On the other hand, the program is available to anyone with a prior conviction. In addition, if an adult or a juvenile of legal working age, a person who lives in Virginia can enroll in this program.

It covers felons for the first six months of employment with a company that offers you a full-time or part-time position. In addition, it also includes temporary agencies. For both you and your company, it is free. Visit the Virginia Bonding Program’s website for more information.

Re-entry Programs for Felons in Virginia – Virginia Prisoner Program

The third on the list of suitable reentry programs for felons in Virginia is Virginia Prisoner Reentry Program. The DCJS administers this program, supported by a state allocation, and aims at promoting pre- and post-incarceration professional assistance. Consequently, the program gives advice that improves the chances of effective reintegration of individuals.

The program asses’ risks related to recidivism. This further provides evidence-based cognitive-behavioral training and job readiness.

Virginia DOC Community Corrections

The fundamental purpose of Community Corrections is to keep the public safe. In Virginia, public safety defines the quality of life for citizens to feel safe in their daily lives by preventing them from exposure to danger. A Balanced Method is an approach to achieving this goal through professional monitoring of offenders under our jurisdiction. This strategy highlights the dual role of probationers and parolees in terms of supervision and assistance.

STEP-UP, Incorporated

STEP-UP has been assisting ex-offenders with reintegration for over 40 years. Above all, it provides pre-release programs in local and regional jails. STEP-help UP is based on the use of trained case managers and evidence-based approaches.

Virginia Beach Reentry Council

The VB Reentry Council’s mission is to assist returning offenders through a jointly funded alliance of business, public, non-profit, and faith-based agencies with resources to educate and assist returning offenders in overcoming reentry barriers.

Norfolk Prisoner Re-entry Programs for Felons in Virginia

The Norfolk Reentry Council focuses on the major roadblocks to successful offender reentry. Above all, it is centered towards employment and education, housing, financial obligations and resources, social reintegration, and physical and mental health/substance abuse.

Virginia CARES

This program is part of the Pre- and Post-Incarceration Services (PAPIS) collaboration. Like the other PAPIS organizations, Virginia CARES seeks to prevent recidivism. It provides education, job training, and other support services to people who have been released from prison. Therefore, it is an important part of the last three governors’ increased emphasis on reentry initiatives. Over the last several years, Virginia CARES, in collaboration with the other PAPIS providers and DCJS.

They worked hard to implement evidence-based practices to improve public safety outcomes. As a result, CARES will focus on data-driven outcomes to prevent re-offending and future victimization, thereby increasing the public safety of Virginia’s communities. The Carey Guides taught to Virginia CARES workers. This proven, evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy method dissuades criminal thinking processes.


There you are. These were some of the re-entry programs for felons in Virginia, which they can choose wisely, are hired, and settle down.

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