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When job searching, the two must-have tools are a resume and a cover letter. Despite most job seekers underestimating the potentiality of cover letters, over 60% of employers see them as equally important to the CVs.

So, the chances are that the recruiters will look at your letter of application. In fact, many recruiters will review your letter of application before your resume.

Therefore, it is essential to write an outstanding letter of application that will help compel employers to read your CV and possibly invite you for an interview.

This article is a guide to write an outstanding cover letter that will win you interviews.

What is a cover letter?

The terms cover letter and letter of application mean more or less the same thing. An official letter that you attach to your CV during your job application. It allows you to explain why you want to join the organization and the benefits you will present if hired.

However, most people find it puzzling to write a flawless and well-formatted letter of application. So, read through this informative post and become an expert cover letter writer.

Cover letter format

A formal letter of application format comprises the header, salutation, body, and conclusion.

The header

Here you include your:

  • Name,
  • Contact Details,
  • Email and,
  •  Date.

Note: Give your full names as they appear in your identity document and an official email address.

The cover letter salutation

Take the letter of application as a written conversation with the hirers. And as it is with normal face-to-face conversations, greetings are equally crucial with letters of application.

Therefore, start your letter in a polite, civilized, and formal manner. Let the addressed feel respected and acknowledged. The words Dear and Hello are professionally accepted ways of introducing your greetings.

Note: Adress the recipient by their respective titles or official names when known.

Examples of greetings

  • Dear Mrs. Ferguson
  • Dear Mr. Smith
  • Dear Sir/madam (where you can’t find the name of the hiring manager)

The body of the cover letter

Your job application letter should include an introductory paragraph (first paragraph), the main paragraph, and a closing paragraph.

The introductory paragraph explains why you are writing, hooks the reader’s interest, and keeps them reading through the letter.

Companies hire to fill a gap in skills. The body is where you explain how you will meet the company’s requirements. Discuss your academic qualifications, work experience, and achievement and how you will use them to achieve the company requirements.

The cover letter body ends with a closing paragraph. At this point, you are almost sure that the reader is convinced. You need to call them to action. You can direct them to your CV, give your contact details, and thank the them for reading through.

Cover letter closing

After presenting your contacts, skills, experience, and achievements, it is now time to rest your case formally.

Examples of how you can close

  • Best regards,
  • Sincerely,
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Kind regards,
  • Thank you,
  • Yours respectfully,


A cover letter is probably the first thing the hiring personnel will read. So, it needs to well-crafted and catchy. Otherwise the recruiters will be bored and reject your application.

The key to writing a remarkable letter lies on grasping the format. Afterwards, you can figure out the wording. Job application letters are written with high level of civilization, politeness and formality.

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