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Access Sealed Juvenile Records is not an easy thing. It is because juvenile court records are confidential, which means they are not accessible to the public. However, just because they are confidential does not mean they are sealed. Many states do not automatically seal the juvenile record. In this case, you should file a petition in the court to seal it once eligible.

After the juvenile records are sealed, few people in specific circumstances can only access them. Meanwhile, to access sealed juvenile records, filing a petition with the court is mandatory. Further, one must notify any affected parties including the individual whose record you seek.

How to Access Sealed Juvenile Records?

Here are the few steps to access your records under the process of government.

Do Research on How to Access sealed Juvenile Records

Firstly, you have to find out that in which state you are living or commit a crime, in that state you are eligible or not to get access to sealed juvenile records. If you think that, you are eligible for this then you can call the clerk’s office just to make sure.

Always keep in mind that regulations governing access to sealed juvenile records vary widely among the states. Therefore, if you want to request to sealed juvenile record then you must have a legitimate reason for doing so.

Gathering appropriate information

You must use access to sealed juvenile records from a juvenile court where the proceeding took place. In some jurisdictions, you may be able to download the online form then fill in all the important information. In addition, you can visit the juvenile court clerk’s office and make a request in person.

Most importantly, juvenile records are confidential so you cannot get the information by calling the office or from online research. You must give a valid reason to the court with your relationship with the case and to access those records.

Visit at the Juvenile Clerk’s Office

Many states have particular forms for access to sealed juvenile records. Juvenile court record has a document or other essential information, which is maintained by the court connection while juvenile delinquency proceedings. In the form, you have to mention which record you want to view and why you want to view it.

In addition, you can visit the appropriate office where your records are kept. You can view your own records, as a parent, legal guardian, and attorney. While filling the form you must fill in the correct information and submitted under penalty of perjury. Mostly, juvenile records are kept confidential, but some jurisdictions require you to sign a stipulation agreeing not to provide copies of your record to anyone else

How can you Access Sealed Juvenile Record Online?

Check online Guidelines about Juvenile Record

Each state has its own guidelines regarding getting access to sealed juvenile records. For instance, few states automatically seal the juvenile record after a specific period has passed. However, in most cases, you have to request the court to seal your juvenile record, otherwise, will not be done.

You must be 18 years or above and have no pending charges. Many states will not access sealed juvenile records if you had a conviction as an adult. The length of time varies among states, but often is five years from the date of crime. However, in some jurisdictions like California, you can have a particular record sealed after five years have passed before you turn 18 years old.

Fill online all the essential information to the appropriate parties

Most of the states have preprinted forms that you must visit them to obtain. In some jurisdictions, you may find the form on their websites or can call or request to mail the form. In this form, you have to fill in all the personal information, details about the crime you have committed. You will require submitting photocopies of the supporting documents along with the originals for verification. The clerk will verify your government-issued photo ID before revealing the records to you.

Moreover, you must pay a fee when you file your request, if you want to know about the fee then you can call the clerk’s office, if you are unable to afford the fee then you can request the waiver. For this process, you must provide your income information to proceed without fees.

Appear at your own hearing

The juvenile court will hold to hearing to determine whether your request should grant. You may have to wait for several months before the schedule of hearing. You will receive the notice of hearing that provides the location, time, and date.

At the hearing, you must be present, and you can bring witnesses, like a teacher or any guardian to testify on your behalf. Even you access sealed juvenile records still, they can access them in some situations. If you are found convicted again for the same crime, it would result in penalization.

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