As a felon, it is normal to worry about getting a job. But if you want to work in an airline, you can rest assured that there are a good number of airlines that hire felons.

Before you apply, you need to consider the kind of crime you were charged with. Then compare that with the roles that are available at the airline you want to work for. But let us start by looking at the airlines that hire felons so you can narrow your search.

American Airlines

This airline has always been known for fairness and respect for every applicant. So it comes as no surprise that they actually hire felons.

Like other big companies, they carry out background checks on their new hires. But this is to vet the information you give them about yourself, not to humiliate you.

They also carry out drug tests, and if you cannot pass them, you will be disqualified.

There are many roles you can fill when working for American Airlines. And some of them include flight attendants, cleaners, clerical staff, and other office-based roles.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has hired a lot of felons in the past. You do have a good chance of securing employment with them. And one of the things that will enhance your chances is the time you’ve spent away from jail.

This means that if you are freshly released from prison, your chances are lower. But it has been over seven years since your freedom, so your chances are higher.

The nature of the felony you committed will play a role too. As Delta Airlines is known to follow the Transportation Security Protocol.

It is always better to aim for entry-level roles, as they are good for felons and require less investment. Available roles include customer service, baggage handlers, and flight attendants.

Southwest Airlines

This apex airline also hires felons, but they do so with respect to the nature of each case. After they carry out a background check like the two previously mentioned airlines, they will like you to prove your worth.

Be honest in the interview and show them reasons to believe you have changed. This, alongside your qualifications and experiences, will help you get the job.

The entire hiring process can take anywhere between six and four weeks. As the hiring managers will have to confirm every single detail about their applicants.

Final words

When applying for a job at any of these airlines, always remember that you have options. There are so many roles to fill, so apply for the one that best suits your abilities.

Another important thing to note is the nature of your past crime, most Airlines are particular about it. So, it is best for you to only apply for roles that are not related to your past crimes.

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