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Every other person on earth wants to get married and settle down. Now the question here is, are ex-felons allowed to marry immigrants? Well, there are different terms, and ex-felons do have the desire to look for someone special and get married.

Furthermore, the ex-felons must have been single or maybe divorced. In both of the cases, the individuals with a felony do not want to stay lonely. Here, we take a dig at some of the key points about the ex-felons getting married to immigrants.

Ex-Felons Allowed to Marry Immigrants – Finding Someone Special

Talking about the felons, the time they spend in their prison, they meet several people. Further, upon their release, they may find a special person who loves to spend time together. Here, the ex-felons may fell in love with immigrants born in a different country.

The immigrants are new to the land of the USA; however, they want to settle in their own country. In this case, if a felon marries an immigrant, he or she will become a resident of that country. This might address your query about ex-felons allowed to marry immigrants.

Ex-felons Allowed to Marry Immigrants – Becoming Permanent Resident

Here, we look at the people who visit the USA and plan to stay in the country. However, if they were staying for more than 90 days, they would surely require a VISA. In this case, the Federal government or the US authorities grant them residency, but only a few of them get this chance.

Meanwhile, people who come to the USA and wish to stay need to apply for a green card. It permits them to stay in the country and earn their livelihood too. However, only a few immigrants get a chance to stay in the USA.

Green card and K1 Visa – Consider the factors

When it comes to the Green card, there are some factors considering the immigrants. The ex-felons who are willing to marry a US citizen would require a K1 Visa. This visa permits the individual born in a different country to stay in the USA for 90 days after the marriage.

The individuals who assist the immigrants in getting green cards are called sponsors. Here, the condition for a K1 visa is that the individual should be a US citizen. Further, the terms exclude people with permanent residency.

Talking about getting married, both the individuals should be eligible to marry, be of legal age, and have genuine intention. However, the laws work differently as per states.

Secondly, the felons who want to support their marriage, required documents. These documents will help in legally supporting their marriage. Background checks form a part of the documentation. It is compulsory for both the felons, as well as the immigrant. Furthermore, if the people are seeing each other for long, the courtship period should be of 1-2 years. Considering these factors and US law, ex-felons allowed to marry immigrants is a Yes.

Are Ex-felons Allowed to Marry Immigrants? – The challenges

We talked about the considerations of green cards, K1 visas, and how felons can marry immigrants. However, there are some challenges or difficulties the felons might have to face.

Based on past criminal activities, the felons could have a hard time acquiring a green card. Meanwhile, the immigrants who have felonies on their record lose their green card and permanent residency status. In this case, if the felon individual is from another country, the US authorities will deport them.

Crimes such as fraud, rape, murder, or child abuse are included in the list. These offenses almost deny access to green cards. Further, felon individuals are not able to apply for permanent residency. In such cases, the felons lose the opportunity to marry immigrants and thereby settling down in their lives. However, there is an option of legal counsel, which may be required for the process.

Talking about marriage between felons and immigrants, they should abide by the laws. Moreover, they should be careful not to land up in prison again. They need to protect their respective partner too.

Are ex-felons allowed to marry immigrants? – Support them

Getting married is a new way of life that brings a healthy lifestyle to felons. They become a part of society once again. Meanwhile, the friends and families should support them at every step. Here, honesty plays a good part, and the felons need to ensure they do not end up in prison again. Avoid the mistakes done earlier, and lead a wonderful life.

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