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Are ex-offenders allowed to use pellet guns? – Felons who come out of prison want to return to something they liked the most. Those individuals who liked hunting will require a firearm. However, as per the law, they cannot possess any firearms as they were recently convicted of a crime. However, things do not end here. What about the pellet guns? Are the felons allowed to use them? Here we look at the details.

Know more about the Pellet Gun

The name says it all. The pellet gun uses pellets to shoot an object; however, the speed is comparatively slow as compared to a regular gun bullet. Furthermore, the pellet gun is used as the right hunting equipment and is categorized as a pneumatic weapon. It cannot be called a firearm, and that is the main reason for its popularity among individuals.

On this note, the felons can make use of the pellet gun and are engaged with different hunting games. Talking about the law if the felons can own a pellet gun, yes they can, as the laws are not too stringent.

Benefits of Using Pellet Guns for Hunting Purpose

When it comes to hunting hobbies, pellet guns prove to be a better option as compared to rifles. Felons can opt for them as they can silently go on hunting sprees as compared to the noisy air gun rifle. The silent feature of the pellet gun is the main thing to notice as it fires seamlessly.

Further, the gun does not require you to put more muscle power and force. Another benefit is that the pellet gun has better accuracy and precision for hunting. The projectile can travel to distant places because of a unique shape.

Pellet Gun is Not a Firearm, Then Where Does It Stand?

Talking about the firearm it is a different category. When it comes to the felons using them, law restricts them. However, ex-offenders are allowed to use pellet guns, as they do not fall under the firearms category. Look at the key points of a firearm.

  • If there is a word ‘gun’ attached to it, doesn’t make it a firearm. One needs to know the difference between firearms, ammunition, and pellet guns.
  • The bullets used in a firearm uses gunpowder; whereas for the pellet gun, pellets are used which doesn’t have any instance of gunpowder or burning powder.
  • Felons who are released from prison are prohibited to use firearms, however, they are allowed to use pellet guns for hunting.

Are Ex-Offenders Allowed to Use Pellet Guns? – Criteria to Own One

As we talked about that the felons are prohibited from using firearms, but pellet guns are allowed. However, there is a criterion under which felons are allowed to use these guns. Further, it depends on the state rules and regulations to own a pellet gun. It is not treated illegally by any means, but being a felon one should follow the criteria as under.

  • The felon’s individuals should be of minimum age 18 years. It is a vital consideration to own a pellet gun too
  • There are no federal laws stating the usage of pellet guns; however, the state has its own regulations related to pellet guns as carrying a non-powder gun
  • Pellet gun is not categorized as a firearm, so the requirements are stated in a different manner to own it
  • Felons need not require to get a permit to use the pellet gun, as it doesn’t fall under the category of firearms

Are Ex-Offenders Allowed to Use Pellet Guns? – A Word of Caution

Felons are allowed to use pellet guns for hunting purposes, as it is their hobby. However, one should stay careful in using the same. They do not want to get into prison once again by shooting at people. Remember, it is not a firearm, but still a gun that is used for hunting, it can hurt people if done intentionally.


So, the ex-offenders allowed to use pellet guns should be careful even they don’t need a permit to use them. Preventive measures will ensure they do not land into trouble once again. Nobody wants to go back to prison and stay as a felon. Do make sure to understand and follow the state laws and regulations of using pellet guns.

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