Home Depot is among the biggest home renovation products and services providers in the United States. The brand is famous for its stores that provide tools, construction products, and various other services.

With over 2,300 stores across America, Home Depot has about 500,000 employees working with them. But the real question is – Are Felons Eligible to apply at Home Depot?

Home Depot – An Overview

Founded in 1978, Home Depot became operational in 1979 with its first two stores in Atlanta. By 1984, Home Depot opened up 19 stores and its market valued was $256 million. In 1989, Home Depot became the largest store of home improvement and reconstruction products. It acquired the hardware chain store Aikenhead’s Hardware, and sales reached $10 billion with over 350 stores in 1995.

But, in 2008, Home Depot laid off several thousand employees and closed 54 stores across the nation. In 2013, Home Depot opened two of its largest distribution center in Atlanta and Los Angeles. In 2020, Home Depot saw a growth in its sales as people were home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company provides services to homeowners and to contractors for minor as well as major repairs. Home Depot is among the top 10 retail stores in the world, and working at a store like that would be a great opportunity for a felon.

Are Felons Eligible to Apply at Home Depot? – Terms and Conditions

Home Depot has no record of hiring felons, but company terms and conditions allow everyone to apply. A background check carried out by the Home Depot associates before hiring won’t change the hiring process. A person will have to visit the official website to apply to be eligible for a job interview.

Are felons eligible to apply at Home Depot? The answer to this question is yes. Home Depot has several stores and always has different job openings in different departments. As an applicant, you’ll have to come clean with your felony record while applying for the job.

Guidelines for a Felon before Applying at Home Depot

Home Depot is among those few brands that support the ban the box movement. The movement gives felons a fair opportunity to start a new life. Home Depot conducts a thorough background check before hiring a person so being honest about your felonies is important.

Some states in the US offer the facility of expunging which means a felon can completely clear all the records. Some records like murders, robbery, and identity theft are not removed from the files. While Home Depot does not ask about your past before the interview, you will have to give answers after selection.

After this, the recruiter has the authority to continue further with your application or end the interview. Before a background check, the applicant has to go through interviews and pass the mandatory drug test. Felons with theft, assault, and sex offenders are likely to not get hired.

Job Opportunities for Felons at Home Depot

Finding a job with a felony can be a tough task for a person. Home Depot has several departments where a person can apply for a job. With a felony record, you won’t get a management position but an entry-level job can be yours. The company offers several opportunities through which a person can grow and improve their position in the firm.

A felon with a record but with suitable skills can be an asset for the company. It will also be a great opportunity for them to give another shot at starting their life afresh. If not possible, a felon can visit the government website of their state for finding possible job opportunities.


Home Depot hires a person based on their skills and not based on their past. While there are no concrete proofs of Home Depot hiring a felon, the website guidelines suggest a person can apply for the same. Along with this, user can take advantage of government appointed career coaches for job search.

Every state government often appoints a career coach to assist a recently released felon to find a new start. These coaches help the felons in finding jobs and give direction to their second chance at life.

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