Are felons eligible to obtain a passport? – If it is the case with the felons, they always face a challenge. It is their past conviction that can affect obtaining a passport. Furthermore, specific to the United States, felons are not eligible to get one. However, they may find some alternatives to obtain a valid passport.

Are Felons Eligible to Obtain a Passport? – Cause for Rejection

When you talk about a felony, it can include a crime that is violent, non-violent, or even severe. The more severe ones can land up the individuals in prison. Further, it can range from crimes such as theft to murder. Now, with a basic felony on your record, you will not get any kind of rejection. However, if you fear, that the passport application might be rejected, talk to an expert.

Getting a passport gives you an identity to step out from your country. However, that does not mean that you can fly to any corner of the world. It depends on the country’s rules, whether they allow entry or reject. Secondly, this rule applies to the United States as well.

For the felony that relates to international drug trafficking, just forget that you are going to get the passport. Meanwhile, this rule applies when the person traveling with drugs was arrested, and convicted for a crime. Here, the passport authorities would reject the application, even if it were a first-time offense.

Other possible reasons for rejection are as follows.

  • Felons will not be able to get the passport if they were issued an arrest warrant
  • Felons who are on parole are not able to file for passport application
  • If there is an outstanding amount due for child support, the felons cannot apply for passports. Unless it is cleared, then only they can apply
  • If the individual is liable to pay outstanding loans, the authorities deny the passport application

Are Felons Eligible to Obtain a Passport? – Background checks & other factors

Talking about the passport application, and how one can obtain it seems an easy task. However, with a felony on record, things change totally. The issuing authority rests with the state department. Further, they would look into different aspects whether the felons have fulfilled or not.

For the felonies that are accountable at the federal level, the federal law might reject the application.

In a scenario where the felon is an overseas applicant and is unable to fly back to the USA. Here, the government will hold back the passport as a security deposit and when the person arrives, he or she will have to pay the fare amount.

A felon who was issued an arrest warrant is refused to obtain the passport. Further, if they were already issued passports, the authorities can confiscate them thereby disallowing them to leave the country.

Individuals with mental health problems are barred from issuance of the passport. Furthermore, they are declared incompetent, and thus committed to a mental institution.

Know more about the Passport Checklist

A person who is applying for a passport should make sure to keep the checklist ready. It includes a duly filled form for the passport application, supporting documents with the latest photographs.

Once all the checklist is in place, the person can apply. Based on the submitted documents, the authorities at the passport office do a background check. Here, they check whether the person is eligible to obtain a passport or not. If you are lucky, some of the steps will be skipped and your application is submitted.

However, at times a federal background check can be called upon. In this scenario, your federal case can come forward and you will have to face it with honesty.

Are Felons Eligible to Obtain a Passport? – Getting one with a criminal past

Here we look at how felons can get a passport, and travel to different countries.

·         Outstanding Arrest Warrant

With an arrest warrant, the felons might find it difficult to travel to other parts of the world. Even if an individual tries to hide the warrant status from the authorities, they will find you and arrest taking into account fleeing the country.

In this case, it is advisable to share the warrant status with the authorities. They might provide you with an issuance as you have built trust with them.

·         Permission to Travel

A passport permits an individual to travel to different countries. However, the felons need to share the reason for travel, as well as check the eligibility criteria. If the travel is for work, then you will surely get a visa to travel to countries with strict felony laws. Meanwhile, if it is a leisure trip, you may or may not get entry into some countries.

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