Felons with violent crime eligible to hire – When we talk about the violent criminal offence, it is a different story. It negatively impacts a person’s life. They are unable to seek an appropriate job to earn an honest living. Felons also lose the chance after any violent criminal activities. It is also difficult for people to trust felons with violent convictions.

Violent & Non-violent crime – Consequences the felons face

You can categorize the felonies violent and non-violent types. Based on these, the individuals have to face some consequences:

  • The time duration in the prison
  • What is the period of probation or parole granted to the felon?
  • How much is the fine for crime or conviction.
  • Felons lose the opportunities for the job
  • Felons lose civil rights thereby damaging their reputation

What is a violent crime?

A violent crime means employing a forceful weapon to threaten someone and demonstrating a possible risk for causing physical injury to an individual. Felons with violent crimes tend to face severe penalties. It may include doing physical harm to the victims, thus the need for a lawyer to fight their case in court is sought.

Felons complete their sentence but the stains of their record affect their personal life even after sentence completion. A violent record stays with an individual for five years before it is cleared by the court.

Look at the examples of violent crimes.

  • Felons attempt to murder someone
  • Manslaughter, rape or physical assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Kidnapping of minor, child abuse
  • Extortion, bank robbery using a weapon

What is a Non-violent crime?

As compared to violent crime, non-violent crime does not involve injury or any threat. Whereas, the examples can include financial losses, loss of property, and much more. Here, the felons do not do physical harm to the victim.

Look at the examples of non-violent crimes.

  • Taking ownership of someone’s property forcefully
  • Cybercrime
  • Theft, fraud or forgery
  • Burglary
  • Drugs and alcohol use

Felons with violent crime eligible to hire – Challenges

Everyone wants to lead a normal and honest life. However, for the felons who have committed even a non-violent crime, it is difficult. Meanwhile, here the case is for violent crimes, and employers will refrain from hiring the felons. It is because of this fact; the employers have to safeguard their employees and the organization.

Furthermore, violent crimes damage the individual’s capability to be hired. It also affects dignity. With all of this, look at the challenges the felons have to face.

  • If served for domestic violence in the prison, the felon is unable to get hired
  • Not allowed to work with a department where ammunition is used. It is a risk for the general public
  • Federal agencies don’t give a chance to the felons with violent crimes

However, there is one chance the felons with violent crimes can get. It is by being hired with the trucking companies, restaurants, colleges, self-employment, and online jobs, etc.

Felons with violent crimes take up the job – Strategies to apply

The best strategy for felons with violent crime is to use a professional degree. Further, they can become a social worker with several NGOs. Working in the college is a solution where the felons can overcome their criminal history. Secondly, the trucking companies offer jobs to felons as commercial truck drivers. However, the individual needs to obtain a CDL license. Meanwhile, the trainees can take a driver’s training along with the license.

Construction companies do offer jobs for felons with violent crimes. Here, they can take up the job as a welder, carpenter, electrician, etc. From restaurants to staffing agencies, and self-employment opportunities, the felons have much more to explore.

The bottom line

It is a fact that felon with violent crimes, that they end up in being disqualified. However, it is not the end of their career. It is always better for felons to disclose their criminal history. Background checks and verification methods will find out and compare your data. Meanwhile, demonstrating honesty with a dedication to work can make the felons overcome their criminal past.

Secondly, it might seem difficult to start a new life, but one can surely succeed, as it is not impossible. Felons can take up jobs in colleges, industries, restaurants, and much more. With proper guidance and support, these felons can support their families with better living.

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