Are you interested in trucking companies that will hire felons? There are many trucking companies that hire felons.

But, they do conduct background checks. Having your identity or background checked by companies can evoke anxiety in candidates, even those without felonies.

So, get acquainted here with background checks of trucking companies. Also, explore about getting a CDL for getting a trucking job.

Background checks in Trucking Companies that will Hire Felons

You cannot hide your background while applying for a job in trucking companies that will hire felons. Further, employers usually check the following things before hiring any job seeker.

  • History of crimes
  • Conviction charges
  • Your driving record
  • Previous employment records

You must be honest while filling up these details. Otherwise, your application may get rejected if any disparity is seen. Further, be careful that you are not missing out on any details. To put it simply, no employer will bear with intentional or unintentional mistakes.

Having said that, all these things will be there in your DAC or Drive-a-Check report. So, you must know a little more about this report.

DAC Report and Getting Job in Trucking Companies That Will Hire Felons

Your DAC or Drive-a-Check report will be important for landing a job. Your employer will rely on it heavily. Further, almost every company will do this checking after you have applied for the job.

  • A DAC report is all-inclusive. It will have the following things.
  • Your license verification details
  • History of driving
  • Physical report from the Department of Transportation or DOT
  • Your previous employer and other details related to your previous employment
  • Accident reports
  • Your job performance
  • Reason for leaving the last job
  • Your crime records

But this is not all. A company can ask to add more info about a job seeker in the report. Needless to say, a bad or false DAC report can ruin your chance of getting second chance jobs for felons in a trucking company.  HireRight is the company that makes DAC reports. This company is compliant with federal law of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

Is DAC Report Mandatory for Getting Job in Trucking Companies That Will Hire Felons?

The Department of Transportation does not say that a DAC report is mandatory. However, 90% of the trucking companies will check it. Further, this report will have some parts essential for reviewing DOT compliance. So, you cannot ignore the gravity of a DAC report when it comes to background checks.

Taking Care of your CDL

Here, it’s important to note that having a CDL never means getting an advantage in the background check. Further, it is a separate and additional criterion for getting jobs in trucking companies. Felons or regular job seekers, everyone needs it!

Every commercial driver with CDL needs to pass through a DOT background screening. The checks involve drug and alcohol screening. Also, the screening includes testing your ability in a road test.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that you can sometimes seal your conviction records. So, you can talk to a good lawyer to know if you can avail yourself of this chance. Also, if yes, you will have the legal right to omit your criminal records in the DAC report. This will boost your chance of getting a job in a trucking company.

For others, being honest with your records is the only way out. Considering many trucking companies hire ex-felons, your chances of getting a job do not look that bad!

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