Just like a website explains what your business is about, a perfect resume gets an overview of your qualifications. Your resume has everything from your high-school education to the university you attended. It is a crucial part of your professional life as it is the first thing an employer will see.

It is crucial to building a resume that is impressive at first glance. Applying for a job without a resume will eliminate you from the process. The resume allows the employer to get an idea about you and your skills.

But without it, you don’t stand a chance among other candidates who have applied with a resume. A resume allows the employer to know about your skills and past experiences. It also reflects the accomplishments you have made in your past. It gives the employer a brief idea about your personality and your qualities.

Things a Perfect Resume should Have

Each resume is different from the other, and they’ll have a new layout depending on the need of the job. According to the standard format in America, your resume should have the following things.

1. The Format

The first thing we should notice is the format of the resume. It means how the information compiles in the file before sending it to the employer. Out of all the types of resumes, the reverse-chronological format of writing is the most popular kind.

This resume focuses on your work experience and the achievements that you’ve had at your workplace. The most important thing about a resume in the US is that it should be one page long.

2. Name and Designation with Contact Information

The top of your resume should have your name, designation, and contact number. It will help the recruiters get in touch if you get short-listed. If you have an online website or an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, you can add the link to that too.

3. Starting Objective

The next step is to add a summary of your experience over the years. A short introduction about your work experience, education, and about yourself should be there. However, it should not exceed more than five lines.

4. Work Experience

The work experience part is the key highlight of your resume. This part of the resume will help the employer decide whether you are fit for the job or not. The information should have the company’s name, your designation, office location, employment date, and job responsibilities.

The responsibilities should be in bullet point form. The latest position should have six bullet points, and the previous ones should have fewer points. Altering your job description depending on the job will be beneficial for you.

5. Educational Qualification

This section is where the information regarding your educational qualification goes. If you have a college degree, then it is advised that you skip your high-school grades. You can mention the highest degree you’ve earned, school name, and location.

In case of no job experience, a person can mention the course work they have done during their time in their college. It helps in boosting the credentials of a person.

6. Adding your skillset

Once a person is done with the information regarding their education, the next thing to do is add their personal and professional skills. It helps give more credibility to their resume and helps employers find a suitable role for them.

7. Extracurricular and Certifications

It is the section where you can boast about your extracurricular accomplishments and certifications. It can make you stand out of the crowd, and this extra information can be:

  1. Interests
  2. Achievements and awards (during high school or university)
  3. Internships
  4. Publications
  5. Certificates and licenses


While making a resume, you have to be aware of the structural guidelines. Resumes’ structural points can be challenging to understand, but they help if followed correctly. Hence, hiring a professional resume-building service is advised to help you with this problem.

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