The job of a flight attendant involves a lot of adventure and class. So it is very good of you to desire this line of work. Since it is a very sensitive position, a lot is put into consideration by employers.

One of those things is a criminal record. For a job that is already difficult to get, having a felony record can make things harder, but all hope is not lost. First of all, there is no law that forbids airlines from employing ex-convicts. So you have a chance if you are qualified and competent.

Background checks for a flight attendant job

Having the required qualifications will boost your chances, but another stumbling block could be a background check. Unlike other jobs that a felon can apply for, being a flight attendant requires two background checks.

You have to go through a background check for the airline, and then a background check for the aviation authority that the airline works under. In the USA, it is the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority).

For the airline, the background check will be like that of any other company. Different airlines may have different background check policies, but their priorities are mostly the same.

So, you should expect them to check your credit score, your criminal record, misdemeanors, and warnings, with emphasis on any DUI charges. These airlines want to maintain a good reputation, so if you have had a highly publicized crime, it could make them reject you.

An airline will always have you go through a drug test. It is critical to them that their flight attendant is clean and will not act under the influence in any situation.

The aviation authorities will check if you are truly certified to work as a flight attendant. They will verify your license and if you don’t pass this stage, you will not get the job.

If you have been involved in any crime that was committed on an aircraft, it will be hard for you to get this job. Crimes involving treason will also ruin your chances.

What determines your success?

Qualifications that can get you hired include a high school diploma or its equivalent, and some work experience in customer service. You will also have to complete a training program set by your employer in order to get certified.

There are different types of aircraft, and flight attendants are certified with respect to each of those types. So you need to get new training if you want to get a job with a different aircraft.

Finally, the nature of the crime is actually more important than the “felon” tag.  As it is what will determine if you are fit to work as a flight attendant or not. If you have had previous experience with this job, it will boost your chances.

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