Many felons want to continue pursuing their dream professions after serving time. And it is not out of place to do that. So, if you want to be a pharmacy technician, it will be difficult, but it is also possible.

Pharmacy technicians work alongside pharmacists in any establishment. And their job revolves around ensuring the safety and health of all the patients.

Before a medication is dispensed to a patient, a pharmacy technician gets it, labels it, and packages it. The end result of the technician’s work is reviewed by the pharmacist before it gets to the patient. Therefore, it is a very sensitive and important job.

Your chances as a felon

The medical field is a sensitive one, so people are thoroughly screened before getting a license. Felons always find it more difficult to secure this license because there will always be a background check.

But all hope is not lost because the rules are not made to cancel out everyone with a criminal record. The nature of the crime you pled guilty to will go a long way in determining if you can be a pharmacy technician or not.

If there is a high chance that you’ll return to criminal activities, you will not get a license to practice. Being a source of harm to the public is also a factor. You won’t be a pharmacy technician if you are seen as a threat to public peace.

These factors stated above will be considered during the investigation with respect to the nature of your past crime. So if you committed a low-level offense, you may have little to worry about.

As you apply for a pharmacy technician program, try not to be fake in any way. These investigators have ample experience and they will be able to tell if you are being genuine or not.

If you were convicted over seven years ago, it will help your chances. Because if you can stay out of trouble for that long, you will most likely never return to it.

The licensing body will also consider your age at the time of conviction. You may be denied a license if you have been involved in drugs or committed a morally reprehensible crime. Even if you do, it will have restrictions that will prevent you from working optimally.

If you have worked in the medical field before, it will be an added advantage despite your conviction.

What do you need to be a pharmacy technician?

You will need to take an accredited pharmacy technician course. It takes just two years to complete. After your training, you will need to register with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) in order to start practicing as a qualified pharmacy technician.

As a qualified pharmacy technician, you can work in hospitals, care homes, pharmaceutical industries, the armed forces, etc.

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