Substance abuse is not only a crime according to the law. It is also a self-damaging act that is equally addictive. This is why there is a rise in the need for substance abuse counselor all over the world.

If you look at it from the financial aspect, substance abuse counselors are doing very well. In a year, they make at least $60,000 in salary. This means that if you choose this profession, you can achieve financial independence while also gaining respect.

As a felon, your past crimes will always stand as a stumbling block for different opportunities. Especially if your conviction is recent. And this also applies to your chances of being a substance abuse counselor. But despite all the limitations, you can still be a professional in this area.

Your chances as a felon

No matter the level of crime you have committed, it is possible for you to be a substance abuse counselor. So you can get certified, licensed and even recognized by the board once you fulfill all the requirements.

As you already know, it will not be so easy to get a job because of background checks. But if you gather your credentials and keep them clean, your chances will increase.

The type of felony you pled guilty to is a major factor in determining how easily you can be a substance abuse counselor. If you committed a crime as serious as murder or rape, this will lower your chances in a big way.

If you have gone through rehabilitation, this will be advantageous to you. The licensing board will want to know the type of rehabilitation you went through as well as the amount of time you spent on it. If you had an extended period of rehabilitation, it would be very helpful to your goals.

Apart from the nature of the felony committed, another steroid factor is the time you were convicted. If you committed the crime more than seven years ago, it may not even show up in your background check. This is because most investigators will only check your records for crimes committed within the last seven years.

If you have been able to stay away from your past for seven years, it is a very good sign. However, if they inquire about your past, do not lie.

Even if your crime was recent, you can still get a license if it was a low-level crime. But it will have restrictions, which means you can have a license with contingencies. For the sake of accountability, someone may be assigned to monitor how you carry out your job.

Felons make the best substance abuse counselors

Most young people that are into drugs always feel like no one can understand them. But because of your own past mistakes, you can. That’s why you will make a great counselor.

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