A flight attendant job is a dream job, however, several questions are asked. It may include the height, what is the background, and are you ready to travel around the world. You would probably meet many people on board whom you take care of and interact with.

What about the individuals who have committed felonies?. Can he or she become a flight attendant? Look at the sections below talking about choosing this opportunity as a felon.

Flight attendant – The requirements to become one

You must have experienced in-flight experience where the flight attendants meet you. They are the individuals who keep your travel safe and secure. In addition to this, they also serve meals and beverages to the passengers.

However, when it comes to felons, they need to demonstrate safety and emergency for the passengers. The emergency may include the evacuation of the passengers during the worst situation. With all of this, the flight attendant job can be a rewarding career for felons.

Let us look at the requirements to become a flight attendant. The felons have to fulfil these requirements to grab this opportunity.

  • The flight attendant training program requires the person to have completed a high school diploma or college degree
  • Minimum age requirement to take this job is 18 years
  • Whereas, the felons have to share prior work experience to grab this job opportunity. It can be a relevant experience for up to 2 years in any industry
  • The felon with a height ranging up to 5 feet 11 inches is considered. Further, physically fit is a good thing required.
  • Gaining knowledge of emergency equipment and how to use them during emergency evacuation procedures
  • Flight training centre provides rigorous training program ranging from 1 to 3 months duration
  • The employer’s training program expects the felons to undergo a proficiency test

Meanwhile, felons undergo on-the-job training under flight attendant job profiles. It gives them internal growth in their career.

What are the earning insights?

Talking about how much a flight attendant earns in his or her career, it can range from different flights. However, it also depends on the location where the felons reside. Meanwhile, the flight attendants who work from east to west earn better than other regions in the USA.

Becoming a flight attendant – Background checks for the felons

When it comes to applying for a job, the felons have to go through background checks. As the job interacts with the passengers, the aviation industry strictly follows this rule.

Look at the background checks & eligibility criteria for this job.

  • Background check and verification is done by the transport security administration
  • When a felon applies with the airline, criminal records for the past 7 to 10 years are verified.
  • The credit report should talk about the clean record of the individual
  • The applicants who apply for flight attendant jobs need to pass drug and alcohol tests. If the felons are found with drug abuse, they will be disqualified
  • Applicants for the flight attendant job with more than one felony are not eligible. They cannot be hired by any airline
  • Rehabilitation program has to be completed for the felons or else they cannot cross borders between the US and Canada
  • The Canadian law states that felons require a waiver in order to become eligible for the job.

Challenges of becoming a flight attendant

A felony or a crime makes the person face plenty of challenges finding a job. Further, some of the applicants disqualify for the role of a flight attendant. It is based on the criminal history and severity of the offence. Secondly, background checks do reveal many of the things, which put these individuals in trouble.

In addition to this, the felons who do not share the truth with their employers can go back to prison. Therefore, in order to land the perfect job, the felons need to give their best shot. Make sure to self-background check and verify whether the wrong information is not shared. Secondly, expungement is a valid option for the felons along with sharing their felony in the application.


There are several job opportunities in the aviation industry. One of the best job profiles is the flight attendant work. Felons can make a fresh start in their lives by choosing the aviation sector. Honesty plays the best role while applying for a job.

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