While on probation, an individual can face many challenges. Further, it almost becomes difficult because the felon cannot meet the employer’s expectations. Meanwhile, being on probation, the employer sees the felon’s status as a negative one.

The employer may not have the knowledge that the individual jobs on Probation for felons. However, it is the only chance when a person can move past criminal history. Some people get lucky to get their records expunged after probation.

You want your normal life to be back on track. Let us dig more into the article about the jobs with probation.

Types of Probation

An individual gets probation for who has committed a crime. The judge instead of putting the person in jail grants it. Let us look at the different types of probation.

Unsupervised Probation

The individuals get this kind of probation where they can stay out of legal troubles. Further, the person is not liable to pay any kind of fines or fulfill the court requirements.

Supervised Probation

Here, the felon has to focus on the scheduled appointments by meeting a probation officer. The officer holds the authority to declare an individual in violation of terms based on requirements.

Intensive Probation

The felon gets extra restrictions, thus calling the probation officer becomes mandatory.

Pre-trial Probation

It is an agreement between the court and the felon. This kind of probation states that the felony charges are dismissed if the individual stays out of legal trouble. Further, a set period under the agreement for this condition takes place.

Felons Seeking Employment

When it comes to probation, the employer expects that the individual has maintained full-time work. If the person fails to find or maintain a job while on probation, the probation officer can send them to jail. However, some employers will not hire an individual while on probation. The employer might not keep you on the job if already employed.

It is always advised to disclose the probation information. It will give a clear insight to the employer; the rest depends on the state laws.

Talking about the types of probation, the supervised or intensive include scheduled meetings. Here the probation officer makes sure that the employer has the knowledge about the probation. Whereas, this is not the case with unsupervised or pre-trial probation. Yet, it is not mandatory that your employer have the disclosed information or not.

Ensure Clarity with a Probation Officer

Considering a job search, one should have a word with the probation officer. The felon has to share that he or she has understood the rules. Further, based on the committed crime, the felon might get certain hours to work or a specific role.

Some probation officers do help the felons by offering job leads. One has to check whether they meet the requirements and avoid violating the probation norms.

Significance of Pre-Trial Probation

It is a type of agreement. It states to drop criminal charges if the individual stays out of legal trouble for a certain period. No criminal conviction has occurred, which makes it easier for the felons to share the truth during an interview. Rest, it depends how the employer sees it as a felony, misdemeanor, or an arrest.

You Cannot Ignore the Background Checks

The law does not state that while on probation, the job is guaranteed by the employer. The basic background check shares the available records. Yet, it can even omit or fail to show serious crimes and accurate information about the same.

In this case, in-depth criminal background checks are needed. Thereafter, the individual’s status will be revealed to the employer. The information can include probation status, and even expunged records. If a felon tries to share a lie, it will not be good to fetch a job while on probation. Explaining to the employer about felony or probation is the best and clear solution.


The individuals can seek help from government agencies. Make sure to tailor the job search that lands you in appropriate employment. Do not waste your time looking for a company that will not hire you.

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