Real estate offers a lucrative opportunity for job searchers. It is a vast industry that exchanges significant money for every purchase. Hence, many people opt for jobs.

Real estate agents need appropriate licensing to work. But, ex-felons who are looking for job opportunities for felons can try to land real estate gigs. If you are not an agent, you can still find a job in real estate. But, it is challenging, and you will get limited profiles.

But, to land the proper real estate job, you need appropriate licensing.

Is Acquiring a Real Estate License Possible for Ex-felons?

The short answer to the question is YES! Ex-felons can apply for real estate licensing. They are also eligible for the same.

But, it is a case-to-case basis decision. It is a discouraging notion for many.

Real Estate Licensing for ex-felons is no cakewalk. Apart from the correct information, you will also need to invest time in reading all the requirements.

Felony Conviction Disclosure – An Essential for Real Estate Licensing

Good character is a mandatory requirement for real estate licensees in all counties. During licensing, all applicants have to disclose information of any unprofessional or illegal actions, whether they resulted in a felony conviction or not.

The disclosure of the information will not automatically disqualify you from the job. But, applicants who do not disclose the information will probably get a denial of the license.

The real estate industry relies heavily on integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty. The license represents the trust of your government in your ability to perform specific responsibilities and obligations to the clients.

Trustworthiness has a crucial role in the job. Hence, any person sitting for the real estate exam in any state needs to exhibit the appropriate traits.

Character Assessment for Real Estate Licensing

The process of determining the character of applicants differs from state to state. However, every state does ask the individuals to mention each relevant piece of information on the application before they can sit in the exam. Some states will also ask for your fingerprints and background checks.

They use the applications and background checks to crosscheck the information to ensure consistency.

The method of asking the information may vary, but you should be 100% honest about any convictions, felonies, and even misdemeanors. It is the only way to have even a slight chance at getting to sit for the exam.

Ex-felons who show the right qualities, serve their time, and are honest about felony convictions can get a second chance in real estate.

Education Requirements for Real Estate Licensing

In most USA states, you need 60 to 90 hours of college-level education in real estate. The course material comprises of titles, deeds, property ownership, and contracts.

Individuals can take the course online. But, get the list of state’s real estate licensing authority approved list of colleges.

Before taking the admission, ensure that the state acknowledges the school.

Process of Real Estate Licensing Exam

To apply for the exam, you will have to pay anything between $15 and $60. It will take 1.5 to 3.5 hours to complete the exam.

The test comprises of almost 100 multiple-choice questions. They focus on nation and state principles and laws.

The passing marks for the exam will differ for each state. Generally, the applicant requires 60% to 75% to qualify for the license.

If you pass the exam, do not forget to obtain the official real estate transcript or appropriate certification from the school. Also, get a copy of your exam score for the real estate licensing application.

File the Real Estate License Application

After passing the exam and getting the appropriate certification, start with the application. It includes submitting your test results, application fees, and license application.

The cost of a license application can range from $50 to $250.

Winding Up

Getting a license for real estate work can bring ex-felons a reliable source of income and a valuable career. While a real estate license isn’t easy to obtain with a less than perfect past, it isn’t impossible.

Hence, it is best to prepare well with the right school. Then, once you get your license, you can start working with a firm to improve your chances of success. And then, the sky is the limit.

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