Joining the US Army for the individuals charged with a felony is quite possible. It depends if their felony charge or convictions were dropped. However, it does not hold true for all the individuals who committed a felony. Some of the guidelines are to be followed keeping in mind the background checks.

A person who wants to join the army can make his life changed by ignoring the past. We look at what are the factors that affect recruitment.

Disqualified Based On Felony Charges

When it comes to army recruitment, they have to check about the dropped felony charges. Further, they also check if the applicant with a criminal record has not sealed or expunged. Meanwhile, some problems are not huge and might not affect the recruitment process. These can include offenses such as failure to appear, possession of alcohol, or harassment.

However, if these offenses were made five or more times; the individuals are disqualified. Thereafter, the person will have to ask for a moral waiver. Whereas, the army automatically disqualifies a person found with possession of marijuana, prostitution, or more than three times DUI. Here, the case will not warrant waivers and there is no solution to it.

The Waivers

Talking about the waivers, the job applicants require waiting for their waivers approval. The next step is where they can try to enlist their names. Meanwhile, for their waivers approval, the felons should state about overcoming their criminal felony charges history. In addition, they will also have to state that the Army needs them and it will be in the best interest of both parties.

During an interview, the army recruiter asks several questions related to past activities from the job applicant. It can include the arrest records, status of conviction charges, any kind of traffic violations, or juvenile court settlement. If at any point in time the recruiter thinks that the individual is hiding something, the interviewer can contact law enforcement agencies. From there, the Army department fetches a complete criminal record.

Requesting for a waiver needs the individual to share letters of recommendation. It shows that your character is sound and has adjusted for civilian life. Make sure to hand over the letters to the army recruitment department attested by school officials, police officers, etc.

Furthermore, if the waivers are possible for an individual, then the Commanding General of the Army Recruiting Command or the Recruiting Battalion Commander approves it. On the other end, if a disapproved waiver is equal to disqualification. That is the end of the process and the individual will not get a chance to appeal.

The Chances You Might Not Get a Waiver

Some crimes are classified as serious or violent, which makes it the felons impossible to get recruitment in the Army. If an individual is convicted of the said crimes, they will not get a waiver. The felons are automatically disqualified who are on probation, in jail, or facing charges.

Look at the crimes classified when the felon cannot ask for a waiver.

  • Breaking & entry into a property
  • Assault with a weapon including rape
  • Drunk and driving either as a DUI or DWI
  • Banking frauds or related to credit cards
  • Kidnapping of adults or children

Dealing with a Misdemeanor

While being recruited in the US army, an individual faces a misdemeanor. It calls for a disqualification of the individual. However, it depends on the state criminal codes, the type of charges, or the severity of consequences.

Meanwhile, army branches have their own set policies and regulations. An individual with misdemeanor charges should act up with honesty. Further, if they hide something it can negatively affect them with an administrative discharge.

Ending Thoughts

When it comes to recruitment in the US Army, they want a person to be of high moral character. Further, the eligibility criteria depend on nature as well as the severity of the crime.

Meanwhile, the army felon jobs needs to check a complete record including financial, legal as well as others to take the final decision. It is recommended that the job applicant stays honest. Hope the recruitment will be in your favor.

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