When an individual with a felony take the job of a notary, there should be creativity and willingness to begin a special career. This career opportunity for felons allows them to determine a replacement profession.

Finding employment upon release from prison may be a challenging task to resume careers for felons. Felons have a mindset and think nobody will give them employment, but there are various resources available to hunt jobs.

Who is a Notary?

The state government appoints the position of the notary. Further, the duties involve signing important documents – the power of attorney, wills, or sale deeds. Meanwhile, the responsibility includes identifying the signer as well as willingness to sign the documents.

However, before signing the documents, the notary makes sure to read and understand the document. Further, the person assigned the duty of a notary serves as an impartial witness.

In order to make it clear about what the notary is responsible for, look at the duties.

  • Should possess interpersonal skills to communicate with individuals as a witness
  • Knowledge of the rules and regulations as per state government
  • Ensure the accuracy of documents by understanding the contents
  • Able to work independently
  • Should be able to track the signed documents

Train the individual with a felony take the job of a notary

When it comes to an individual who has committed a felony, they can look forward to becoming a notary. However, one needs to understand the guidelines along with proper training. Secondly, the felon individual should be a legal resident of the state before taking the job as a notary.

States in the USA like California, Oregon, and Pennsylvania require training for becoming a notary. This training also includes learning about the rules and regulations governed by the state government. Meanwhile, the felon has to appear for the exam along with a background check.

Take the job of a Notary – Difficulties faced by the felons

Talking about any job, an average person can take the job passing through different stages. However, for a felon, the tasks become more daunting. From notary examination to background checks, everything puts a hurdle on the individual.

The application form includes particular questions about criminal convictions. These are enough to disqualify the felon individual from taking the job. Whereas, background checks can include history covering a decade.

Furthermore, felons should share everything with honesty. Providing wrong or false information during the interview can send them back to prison. Meanwhile, with proper support, the felons can again start their life with better responsibilities.

What kind of support do the felons get?

A felon individual wants to become a notary, but they face the hardships in getting the job. Moving forward in life is what the felons need here. For this purpose, families and friends support them to grab the opportunity.

This kind of support is always welcome as the felons can start a fresh life. Meanwhile, they can almost overcome their criminal records. Further, with a strong desire, they can become a notary keeping in mind the clean records.

Becoming a notary – Either hire or disqualify

It is either the felons take up the job or the department disqualifies them. Offences such as traffic violations, parking tickets, etc come under minor disciplinary actions. The chance of becoming a notary is more.

However, when it comes to crime related to fraud, kidnapping, child abuse, rape, murder, etc, it is a zero chance to get the job. Here, the person will be disqualified and cannot take the job.

Take a look at the factors below

  • Professional license was suspended
  • The person is already appointed as a notary in another state
  • After being appointed as a notary, breach of trust or felony was committed
  • Commission to sanction the application was revoked
  • Recent criminal record or felony found

Still, the state government offers a job opportunity to the felons. Here, they help the felons to become eligible for the notary job. It can be possible only by clearing the criminal records or expungement. In addition to this, the felons need to reveal their criminal history with honesty.


Keeping in mind honesty and truthfulness can get you the job of a notary position. Further, when the individual with a felony takes the job of a notary, they can seek assistance to get criminal records expunged. Make sure not to end up in a situation where the application is rejected. You can take the job of a notary with a clean image.

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