When it comes to DUI – driving under influence, the person still gets a chance to become a police officer. However, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the law enforcement department does not hire a felon. Meanwhile, some of the states still consider them. It depends on their case or the severity of the crime.

Further, a person charged with a felony, then changed to a misdemeanor can get a cop job.

What Do The DUI and Other Offenses State?

Categorization of offenses

  • DUI – Driving under the influence
  • DWI – Driving while intoxicated
  • OUI – Operating under the influence
  • OWI – Operating while intoxicated

Other than the influence of drugs, the crimes are similarly classified. However, how the local or state government deals with them depends on their legislature. Meanwhile, many of the police departments do quality a person with DUI on record. Their perception is that the person under DUI has been driving under influence of alcohol or drugs. Whereas, DWI only means driving while intoxicated with alcohol.

Joining Law Enforcement – Determining Factors

Here we look at the classification of offenses done by the individuals. Based on these factors they can end up being a law enforcement officer.

Alcohol Factor

Driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated with the same is an offense. However, you answer some queries to become a law enforcement officer. Do these questions relate to how recent was the offense made? Did it cause any kind of injury or death of the person or another person? And, so on.  

Based on the questions, the police department offers a job Opportunities for felons. You can end up becoming a police officer, a state trooper, or a deputy sheriff. However, the chances are much lower as compared to a person with minor traffic violations.

The Drugs Factor

The police department asks you several questions. These questions relate to alcohol intoxication and committing an offense. However, several queries are put forward relating to drugs intake. Were you under the influence of drugs while driving?

Even your crime or offense is expunged; the changes are lower as compared to an individual with minor traffic violations.

Don’t Lose Hope

The individual are asked several questions related to DUI, based either on alcohol or on drugs. Further, he or she might not get a chance to serve in the law enforcement department. Chances are lower but still, the person should not lose hope.

Look at the factors that still determine your selection into the department. Meanwhile, the final decision may vary depending on the foreseeable factors.

  • Police department is not always strict. They also have to be lenient as compared to others. Here your consideration for the job profile becomes positive even with a DUI.
  • Some of the agencies or departments are in urgent need of more police officers. In this situation, they might not approve your application, but still, give you a chance to serve.
  • Some police departments have a zero-tolerance policy. Based on their policy the individual despite a DUI or DWI is hired by the department.

What is Better to Get a Job?

All the law enforcement departments of felons require the best applicants who are hired. Further, they are scrutinized based on the factors such as moral values, character, health, and physical fitness, skill set, and academics, etc.

A more polished resume gives you a better chance of the job you desire. Further, the older the offense, the better it is for background checks. Meanwhile, the person can consider moving to a location where the policies are lenient. Some agencies will hire people with DUI, while some will not. That is straightforward.

How to Start With the Hiring Policies?

There are some steps that one needs to follow. Further, the hiring policies are as under.

  • First thing is to visit the website of the law enforcement agency or department.
  • Find out the DUI/DWI criteria mentioned on the website, which can be useful.
  • The person can also request a brochure from the agency if it is not available online.
  • Several agencies do offer police jobs while conducting a career fair.
  • Call the law enforcement agency and connect with their human resource department to know more about the career.

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