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Can ex-felons choose teaching? – Here, it is quite possible for the individuals to restart their career as a teacher. It is their own aspiration, as they want to teach the students. Meanwhile, there are several resources that assist the ex-felons to take up the job as a school teacher. They will definitely prove themselves as the best employees of the organization.

The profession of a school teacher

Talking about an individual who works, as a teacher, he, or she is responsible to teach basic subjects such as mentioned below.

  • Language skills
  • Science & Mathematics
  • Social science, arts

Further, there are different levels of how the school hires an individual. Either the person is responsible to teach students in elementary school, middle school, or high school.

Here, the elementary school teacher takes into consideration all subjects. Whereas, high school and middle school teachers specialize in their subjects.

However, the core responsibility remains the same for every teacher. They need to make sure that the students learn discipline along with education. Meanwhile, the teachers counsel them as a mentor or a parent.

Can ex-felons choose teaching? – The duties

Several duties attach to an individual when it comes to the profession of teaching. The basic duty is all about teaching students of different grades. However, it is more than just the teaching of subjects.

The teacher needs to prepare a lesson plan, teach them to the students, make them learn and understand. The next step is to ensure the students get good grades in examinations. It is all about identifying the educational needs, thereby developing a moral character for the students.

In addition to this, the teacher is also responsible to enforce rules in the classroom. It helps in maintaining discipline. Secondly, teachers do interact with parents and share insights about their kids i.e. students.

What are the skills required for successful teaching?

To impart the duties mentioned above, the teachers require skills to move forward. With these skills, one can surely become a successful teacher.

  • Problem-solving skills help when students get stuck with issues
  • Writing skills are a must for a teacher as they need to communicate on every end
  • Interpersonal skills are recommended for the students to sustain and learn better
  • A successful teacher makes sure the students understand academic requirements
  • Students also manage to take the challenges, face the difficulties thereby growing further
  • Teachers ensure the learning process throughout the academic year for students

Mind the education

When it comes to the teaching profession, no one just starts teaching the students. One needs a bachelor degree to impart further education to the school students. Here, the high school teachers require picking a specific subject during their graduation.

Meanwhile, the guidelines hold differently for the private school teachers. Their requirements differ from the state-level requirements. However, these teachers need certification to teach certain grade levels.

Whereas, for the teachers who are employed in public schools, they need a license to teach. Further, these teachers require passing the examination related to the subject.

Can ex-felons choose teaching? – Conditions

The ex-felons who want to settle in their lives often pursue college degrees. Thereafter, they can look for the teaching profession in any school. While hiring the felons, the schools do not bother about background checks. It is because the education process has covered their criminal past.

What is next is that the ex-felons start leading an honest life as a teacher. They almost love preparing students for their academic growth.

However, there is one condition when background checks are mandatory. It is when the criminal background relates to serious crimes that include rape, sexual abuse, murder, etc. Finding this kind of crime in most schools would disqualify the felons.

Certification for felons with conviction

For individuals applying for a teaching job but with a felony conviction, they can opt for a certification. It is available from the court and the felons have to provide the details as under.

  • Explanation about the crime that occurred
  • Documents signed by the employers and college instructors
  • Make sure that the sentence term ended one year before applying for the certificate

Based on all these details, the felons get a character certificate. It includes personal documentation, the age when the crime occurred, the penalty, etc.


Now if you ask can ex-felons choose teaching to restart their career, they can. Though it is a challenging task, however with honesty and certification it is possible. Leading a dignified life while supporting family as a school teacher feels exciting.

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