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Can Ex-felons join Marine Corps service is the question here? Being a felon is a deal-breaker when it comes to securing a job. That is why most offenders will likely have a little choice to join the military. However, it is a fantastic place to work for ex-felons.

Can Ex-Felons Join Marine Corps Service? – Screening of applicants

When it comes to the military, having the necessary physical qualifications is essential. The screening of applicants takes place considering the following.

  • Applicants deal with the challenges
  • Endangering the comrades or generates disciplinary problems during a mission
  • No one in the unit has any habits that could impair their morale during combat missions

Morally, anyone without a conviction is eligible to join the Marine Corps. So if you have a question in your mind that – can ex-felons join the Marine Corps? Then criminals must sign a moral disqualification waiver to join the Marine Corps.

If you are a felon enlisting in the marines, the most important thing to remember is to be truthful and not lie. It is a major crime to lie on a military application. You will charge for the lie. Also, no matter how awful your background is, do not try to hide it. Even though the records are sealed, whatever information you have about your criminal history should disclose when you apply.

The same holds true for a minor caught with a crime. Any attempt to conceal anything mentioned above will be futile, as military inspectors have access to almost everything.

Can Ex-Felons Join Marine Corps Service? – Know about the Waivers

Some violations in the Marine Corps can be excused, while others are unavoidable. As a result, distinct offenses necessitate waiver clearance at varying levels of command. Applicants who require a waiver are also ineligible for enlistment until the waiver is approved.

Consequently, the applicant bears the duty of demonstrating to military authorities that he has overcome his disability. In addition, that joining the Marine Corps is in the best interests of this branch of the Armed Forces.

When are waivers considered?

During assessments, waiver authorities in the US Marine Corps look at a person’s qualifications using the “whole person” approach. Waivers are typically required for the following reasons:

  • Two to five traffic violations of a serious nature
  • Five to nine minor traffic offenses
  • Minor non-traffic violations in class 1
  • Minor non-traffic offenses in class 2
  • Offenses of a serious nature
  • One misdemeanor

Any applicant who has committed more than the indicated infractions is ineligible or has committed a felony. However, when there is a high demand for military recruits, the military will grant exceptions. Even yet, if you have more than one felony record, particularly one including a drug conviction. Then your chance of becoming a marine is limited to none.

As a result, if you have a felony record, be honest with the recruitment officer about the circumstances behind the arrest or other less serious charges. The military will be able to view your criminal record even if it has been purged.

Can Ex-Felons Join Marine Corps Service? – Procedure to obtain a waiver

The most important aspect of- can ex-felons join the Marine Corps is knowing how to obtain a waiver. The process starts with your recruiter. When they begin to explore the possibilities of obtaining a waiver once, your criminal record has been found. A recruiter will be able to tell you whether you are eligible for a waiver.

It is crucial to remember that determining your eligibility is up to the recruiter’s judgment. They may not be able to discern if you are qualified for a waiver until they have more background information on you. If your recruiter believes your prospects of approval are thin, he or she may refuse to let you file for a waiver.

On the other hand, a recruiter fails to reach their recruitment goal they still allow to apply for the waiver. If your recruiter agrees, they will provide you with the necessary paperwork, documentation, and future steps.

Requirements for Basic Enlistment

According to the website of the Marine Corps, enlistees in this military branch must be at least 17 years old and no older than 29 years old. He must be a U.S. citizen and present proof of legal residency. Recruits must pass a physical examination and present proof of high school graduation.

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