Ex-offenders work in postal services – When you ask this question, first think about the competitive world. For felons or ex-offenders, it is a daunting task to get a job.

Well, it is not impossible though, but requires some rules to follow. Several re-entry programs help felons to get back to society. However, here the question is working at the post office. It can become a suitable position for individuals to overcome criminal history.

The government doesn’t provide opportunities for felons – Is it a myth?

It is a wrong mentality among the felons, that the federal government wont hire them. It is because of the fact that the ex-offenders think of themselves as dishonest or irresponsible. Further, getting a job in a government department is just out of the question.

However, in reality, it is not like this. The federal government is the one that supports ex-offenders to lead a normal life. From re-entry programs to other opportunities, it offers several positions. Keeping in mind this, we can call it a myth.

Ex-offenders work in postal services – Know the process

When an individual with a felony wants to work at the post office, they need to follow the process. Look at the main pointers on hiring the felons.

  • When the ex-offenders are applying for postal service jobs, the state should be fair with them
  • Before taking the job of working in the postal department, the felons should understand the basic requirements
  • It is up to the felons as their positive attitude and merits can land them in a genuine employment
  • If the ex-offenders are seeking an employment agency, they should prove themselves as responsible for work
  • The ex-offenders have to undergo background checks and verification processes. Consider checking criminal records for the last 5 yearsbefore hiring
  • The US postal service department will not hire felons whose charges are pending
  • Expungement of criminal records give the ex-offenders a better chance to get hired in the postal service

Ex-offenders work in postal services – The Opportunities

Several windows open when you have the desire to work with responsibility. Here we look at how the felons can take post office as a better opportunity. Meanwhile, the postal department seeks people who are genuine and serious about their careers. Further, it helps them to be connected with society, thereby overcoming their criminal past.

Meanwhile, the felons who have completed their sentence need to do some work. It is always better than being sitting idle after leaving prison. Secondly, taking up a job is not easier, but felons can apply for expungement. It helps them to get a chance at bigger opportunities with a clear record.

In addition to this, the felons need to make their resume in a better way. It helps employers to fetch information easily.

Talking about the job opportunities, ex-offenders can join a training program too. It helps them to hone their skills and grab more knowledge about the work.

Postal service job rules – know them before you get hired

Well, for the average person, taking up the job in a postal service differs. However, when it comes to felons, it has some rules to follow. Look at some of them mentioned below.

  • Taking into consideration the period of offence
  • What was the age of the individual when the offence occurred?
  • Is there any employment history related to the ex-offender since he or she was released from prison?
  • Considering rehabilitation efforts for the ex-offenders to grab the opportunity. For this purpose, information is collected from the agencies and other departments
  • When felons apply for a particular position other than the entry-level jobs

When there is a ‘NO’ from the postal department?

For the ex-offenders being hired in the postal service department is not easy. However, they can follow the rules; are trained for a particular position, and so on. It shows their seriousness towards the job and thus is hired.

Meanwhile, felons who have their record stating a serious conviction are disqualified. In this case, the felons are seen as disruptive, and they are not entertained as per society standards.


The bottom line here is that the felons can work at the post office. This job provides them with a stable career giving them a better life. With hard work and determination, every person can lead a dignified life. Finally, the family gets better support with the career.

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