Returning to mainstream life is certainly a great ordeal for every felon. On the one hand, society and the family to gain respectable status place pressure on them. On the other hand, finding a job with a previous criminal record is always a big challenge. Therefore, in this post, you will get to know “Can ex-offenders work in UPS?”

The labor market is not very friendly to criminals. Most employers perform background checks before recruitment of potential candidates. If the examination shows a candidate’s conviction history, he/she is likely to face rejection. Then, some employers are sufficiently liberal to recruit eligible criminals.

Now the question arises, can ex-offenders work in UPS?

The post below explains whether the UPS will hire you regardless of your conviction. Moreover, it will also discuss.

  • Why Work with UPS?
  • Application Procedure for Applying at UPS
  • UPS Guidelines for Hiring a Felon
  • Step a Felon Can Take to Get a Job in UPS

Can Ex-Offenders Work in UPS?

UPS is a big employer, and it is one of the largest and most esteemed names in the international shipping sector. The company has facilities in over 300 countries and therefore offers applicants ample employment opportunities. In addition, UPS also hires criminals.

During a job search in UPS, there are various positions to apply for. These range from drivers, packaging managers, handlers, etc. Most of the staff here starts from the driver or package handler positions. You will please know that the package-shipping giant hires about 120,000 workers for part-time work during festival time. Package handlers work part-time in UPS, in 3-5 hours shifts, at different times of the year.

Application Procedure for Applying at UPS

To complete UPS employment applications, you have to fill in your details online. Their job portal requires you to enter basic information, including address, email address, phone number, and social security numbers. In addition, depending on the position, you require to give references from your previous employer.

However, UPS will contact those interested in interviews. During the time of the interview, 10-15 group members will assist those invited to participate. This interview phase will take several minutes with one of the recruitment managers individually. Specific job duties are covered at this time. The job’s physical demands, including lifting requirements for 70 pounds, are addressed in the questions.

A background check is requested during this first phase. All their work interviews end here. They thank you for coming in and tell you that they will call if they are interested. If you have this question in mind that,” can ex-offenders work in UPS?” that is a big Yes. Of course, this does not mean that all the criminals that apply will be hired. The company has considerations.

Can Ex-Offenders Work in UPS? – Know the Guidelines

According to its representative’s statements, the International shipping giant has no separate overall policy on the recruitment of criminals. The company makes a case-by-case assessment and decision. The crimes the company recruits are usually recruited in part-time stores or packaging managers. These are without a doubt some of the physically most difficult jobs, but they are some of the company’s very popular places.

The period between the submission of jobs and release from jail is the most vital part of the UPS guideline on the recruitment of criminals. Furthermore, the guides also include the type of felony the application commits, whether the person has charges of multiple crimes or not. UPS would rather work with an applicant who has taken serious steps to correct their lives and secure a respectable social position.

The company wants genuine criminals about their convictions and can discuss the details in a participatory way. UPS also counts on applicants who have demonstrated significant rehabilitation interests and progress.

Step a Felon Can Take to Get a Job in UPS

If you are a felon and have a question in mind that “can, ex-offenders work in UPS?” you can follow the steps. The first is that felons must undergo re-entry or receive further training to acquire the skills and knowledge they need. If you are trying to expunge or seal their records, then you require paying large dividends.

A quality resume is essential when it comes to their employment record. Felons must prepare to do what they need. One fact is that UPS tends to hire from inside. This means that if you have the opportunity, even as package handlers; try to stick to it because there is a good chance that you may be promoted. At last, felons should be serious about their situation and have the objective to work with UPS. No, it is not going to be easy to get a job at UPS. However, for those who want it, there is a chance.

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