Can ex-offenders work with Comcast? – When it comes to working with a large organization, everybody wants to be a part of the same. Now, talking about the felons, they also want to enter into society. For this purpose, they would love to find jobs but end up in challenges. What about Comcast, the biggest telecommunication company in the USA? Does it hire felons? Let us take a dig into this topic.

If an individual has committed a felony, they should not hide anything. It is because they would surely pass through the background check process. Everything is revealed, and the hidden things if found by the authorities, the felons would go back to jail.

Can Ex-Offenders Work With Comcast?

A felony record is no surprise for every company, the same goes for Comcast. The company provides an equal opportunity for everyone to get the job. Further, it helps felons in being hired at multiple jobs.

Comcast has operations in almost 40 or more states in the USA. The company offers upliftment to the felons by providing them many opportunities. Further, with more opportunities, the felons can also find a suitable job in their state. With this new platform, they can once again become a part of society.

However, one must ensure to have a clear record of a felony to secure a job. The company does not want to discourage any of the individuals. However, when it comes to a serious crime, then the story changes. Background checks reveal everything, so if the felon is lucky, they will get the job.

Can Ex-Offenders Work With Comcast? – The Job Opportunities

As Comcast is offering equal opportunities to every individual, here we look at some of the job prospects.

  • The best roles the felons can take up with Comcast are of a customer support executive and sales personnel. It also includes a chat process where they can interact with customers.
  • Comcast is a telecommunication company, so it would also hire technical experts. Here, felons can take up the job to deal with customers. However, they should have technical skills to handle the problems of the customers.
  • Every individual who is hired at Comcast should demonstrate flexibility with work.
  • If an individual wants to work on weekends, they can and thus are paid for extra hours worked.
  • Personality does play a big role. Felons hired with Comcast should be able to handle work pressure.

Can Ex-Offenders work with Comcast? – Follow the strategies

When a felon wants to get a job at Comcast, they need to follow some strategies. Let us look at some of them.

  • Felons who have a better and updated resume can apply for the job. They can highlight their skills for better prospects.
  • Felons can also seek a professional to write their resume along with a cover letter
  • Entry-level positions at Comcast suit the best for felons in Comcast. They can opt for a sales job or customer support profile.
  • Working with Comcast seeks individuals who love to take the challenges. Further, the company seeks employees to work in a flexible environment.
  • Based on the job requirements, the individuals need to work night shifts too. Felons need to be ready for this.
  • Learning new skills is necessary for the felons to keep up with the job. It is also required to excel in one’s job position, and career advancement.
  • Being sales executive, the felons hired in such a job need to excel better in a sales pitch. Engaging customers is necessary for getting new business.
  • Customer service or support job profile demands problem-solving skills. As it is linked directly to interacting with customers, felons should possess such skills.

Can Ex-Offenders Work With Comcast? – Mind the background checks

To work in any company, the felons need to undergo the background checks process. To get a job at Comcast, the company seeks a background check of up to 7 years. Here, the previous records of an individual are checked to know about the criminal past.

Some states in the USA have the privilege to access clean records of felon individuals. Meanwhile, some states make the entire criminal record visible to the company. Here, the felons cannot apply for the jobs. Secondly, the felons who are convicted of fraud are not eligible to apply. Those who are involved in the sexual offense or violent crimes lose the opportunity.

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