Can ex-offenders work with Uber? – If you are a felon who has just returned from prison, then it is quite challenging for you to urge back to society. Above all, when it involves finding employment, if you have a felony conviction, the bulk of employers do not accept felons as employees.

Well, you will surely understand this if you are handling any such situation. However, you will surely believe in working with Uber, as it is quite simple and straightforward because you only have to have a car and phone in order that you will keep track of the trips, which you create.

Can ex-offenders work with Uber? – Things to consider

When you first hear is that this question, the solution could be a straight no as there are a plethora of limitations for them. Ideally, drivers who wish to drive for Uber must be 21 years old or older having a minimum of three years of driving experience. Additionally, they need to even have valid automobile insurance in their name besides having a driver’s license and Social Security number. Aside from this, a background check is additionally compulsory.

Look at the things to consider if an ex-offender wants to apply with Uber

  • Driving without a license
  • History of fatal accidents or reckless driving
  • DUI or drug-related offenses
  • A felony record; however, it depends on the company’s decision.

Applying for the job with Uber – Minimum qualifications

Uber takes into consideration your minimum qualifications before applying for work as an Uber driver. Additionally, there is always an opportunity that you simply could be hired. It is right in your case if your felony record lies beyond the seven-year window they typically check for. As per Uber’s company policy, it is a company second-chance policy, and it states that the corporate is a component of a growing movement of organizers and that they are committed to offering people a second chance.

The company also says that are tons of individuals having a record, and it must not prevent people from being hired. The criminal records make it difficult for felons to urge hired and make a living. The corporate has joined the Obama administration back in 2016.

How do the background checks come into the ex-offender’s way?

When it involves the query – Can ex-offenders work with Uber? The solution is yes. The company does consider running a background check on the individuals who want to apply as Uber drivers. However, on the other side majority of the felons will not pass the background check. Besides that, some criminal history may prohibit you from driving for Uber.

Talking about clearing the background checks, few considerations are to follow. One among the many issues with Uber is that you simply have to wait a minimum of 3-6 months until you will apply again once you fail a background check. It is often an eternity if you are desperately trying to find work. So now, you want to be brooding about how you will clear the background check.

Secondly, you would like to understand that Uber uses a corporation referred to as Check to try to do their background checks on most of their drivers. You will pay and obtain the background check done, but why pay once you can get your things done freely through other companies, which too use an equivalent company. In other words, if an individual felon fails to pass the background check, they will not be considered at Uber.

The best part here is that Uber simply accepts you directly; instead, a corporation dismisses you so you will check the areas where you will improve thoroughly and make sure that the background check is not a problem for you any day ahead.

Can ex-offenders work with Uber? – Tips to follow

When it comes to applying for a job with Uber, the process is quite simple and straightforward. It takes a couple of minutes to complete the same. Do take care of the following documents while applying at Uber.

  • Proof of in-state car insurance
  • Requirement of a vehicle
  • Valid in-state driver’s license
  • Proof of registration documents for the in-state car


You should fill the shape and check if the authorities can eradicate your felony record. It means it is unlikely to spotlight subsequent background checks if you will get your record expunged through them. Uber always shows or hires you, but there is no guarantee intrinsically. You’ll also use Google search expungement attorney” in your state.

You must make the foremost of your second chance and not abandoning. Companies like Uber can help get your life in the right direction not off course”> on target if you set in the right effort. Confirm your efforts are consistent and you do not return to your old ways.

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