Can Felon Work as a Digital Marketer – Felons are the individuals who are convicted and proved guilty by the law. Felons commit felonies that are generally violent crimes: robbery, aggravated assault, extortion, etc., breaking federal rules. However, after being released from prison, finding a livelihood is difficult because most employers are less likely to trust them as employees.

But nowadays, things are changing a lot, and its credit goes to Covid-19. The pandemic has forced companies to go fully digital to stay in business. And hence every company is looking for digital marketing experts. The important question here is whether this implies that someone with a criminal record can apply for such jobs? This issue is a bit different for USA nationals and immigrants.

Can Felon Work as a Digital Marketer in the USA- List of different Jobs

Social Media Marketing

This digital marketing strategy uses social media handles to market products and services. Most of the job in this field requires 1 to 2 years of expertise. And the average pay scale is $72,295 as per Glassdoor.

Job link:

SEO Specialist

The job of the SEO specialist requires bringing the website to the top of search results, which also offers a handsome average salary of $66,710.

Job link:

Freelance Content Writer

If you want to work from home and don’t want to work under anyone, you can find this job appropriate for yourself. As a freelance content writer, you can earn up to $61,573.

Job Link:

Paid Marketing Executive

If you have experience with paid marketing tools such as Google ads and love to experiment with advertisements to find what works best for you, then paid marketing is your career. The field also provides a good salary, expecting around 76,600.

Job Link:

Can a Felon Apply for Digital Marketing in the USA?

Felons need to know that a person with a felony can still apply for the job despite a criminal record. And no employer can ever deny the employment legally, even with a felony. However, the felony should never be related to the job position you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying for a job position where you have to sit in front of a computer is in no way relevant to if you were caught the felony of drunk driving. Since driving and working on a computer is not closely relevant to the felons having legal right to apply for such jobs. Similarly, if you are involved in a public brawl as a teenager, you can’t work for a digital marketing agency.

As a USA citizen, the right duty of a felon is to represent all things clearly and mention this right at the job interview. You have to reply truthfully when you are interviewed and asked about your past felony. Because there may be a chance that the company may perform a background check on you, it will be bad for you if your statement does not match reality. Therefore it is best to show things as they are. 

The Person with Conviction can Face the Problem

On the other way, if you have a conviction for something like money fraud and corruption, there might be a problem that you may face. This problem can only arise if you apply for a job in a company where you can handle the funds. As a result, you can anticipate that employers are unwilling to hire you, knowing your past.

You can look at the figures mentioned in the Google trend” Digital Marketing.” The graph will show that demand in the field has increased since the beginning. However, most employers are not that desperate to forget the criminal check, which they routinely check they often use for their entire employees. 

The conclusion we get from here is that you can pursue a career in digital marketing even with past criminal activity. But there is a condition that you must not have a previous offense that matches the job description. 

Can an Immigrant with a Felony Record apply for Digital Marketing in the USA?

Things are not friendly if you are an immigrant and have a criminal trace on your record. Digital marketing skills are in demand, and you will surely find an employer to sponsor you to get a skilled visa. Such visas only allow you to work in the country for some years. 

However, if you apply for that visa, you will be asked to show your criminal record. Moreover, you will have to pass a character assessment test to judge your response in a different scenario. And another important point to remember is that you must submit police clearance from your country; hence it is good that you don’t lie. 

If you have spent more than 12 months in jail, your chance of getting the visa is extremely low. And chances are better for the less serious offense with less jail time. 

Lastly, you need to know that these applications are judged depending on how serious or trivial it is. So hence it is word trying whether you have a criminal record in the country of your origin. 

So this was all about our topic “Can Felon Work as a Digital Marketer”. Hopefully, the information in the post was useful. If you find something appropriate or want to share your views, you can share it in the comment section. You can find more job options in the same fields by visiting Indeed

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