In general, authorities do not trust convicts to work in positions involving public safety. So, can felons obtain a security guard license?

A security guard job is a better option for a felon in the United States. Such a job does not necessitate further education or degrees. Furthermore, such positions also do not necessitate extensive training or practice. That is why the majority of offenders opt to work as security guards. To work as a security guard in the United States, you must have a security guard license. So, to operate as a security guard in a public area in any state, you must have a security license. A guard license is available to almost any civilian. 

This is the important question that most felons have on their minds. Therefore, this article will provide definitive and comprehensive answers to this question.

Security Guard – Job Description

A security guard patrols and supervises it to safeguard property from damage, theft, and unlawful activities. A guard is a person who enforces laws and controls entry to a business, a building, or any other public or private location. In addition, security guards ensure the protection of the general public and persons and private property. A security guard’s job is comparable to that of a police officer.

What is the Goal of a Security Guard License?

A license to practice a profession provided by a governmental body and required to declare oneself a licensed professional. Moreover, a license verifies that a person has the relevant knowledge or skills to perform a task. These certificates are often gained after finishing certain coursework.

To work in a specific occupation, the government requires a license. A license defined as:

  • A government license agency has given it to you.
  • Give someone the legal right to work in a certain field.
  • It is necessary to meet specific requirements, such as holding a bachelor’s degree or passing a state-administered exam.

A license, often known as a guard card, is usually required to serve as a security guard. A security guard license demonstrates that you have completed the necessary training and certification to serve as a security guard.

Can Felons Obtain a Security Guard License? – Find the RIGHT Answer!

Can felons obtain a security guard license?Yes, convicts are eligible to apply for a guard license. There is no such restriction in this circumstance. However, not all offenders are eligible to apply for a guard license. Varying states in the United States have different regulations for issuing guard cards.

Some state governments do not require having a license. Working in Kentucky and Maine does not require a guard license. However, several states prohibit convicts from working in the security industry. In Nevada, Tennessee, and Rhode Island, felons are not allowed to work as security guards.

However, most states in the United States allow convicts to work as security guards. These states take a felon’s felony into account before approving his application. In these states, felons must submit their application to the appropriate Public Safety Commissioners.

Can Felons Obtain a Security Guard License? – Know the Requirements

Hopefully, you have got your answer for “can felons obtain a security guard license?”However, there are specific standards that must meet in order to receive a security guard license. These are:

  • As a citizen of the United States, you must provide documentation.
  • A participant must be older than 18 years old.
  • A registered security agency has offered you a job as a security guard.
  • Consent to the FBI conducting a criminal background check, drug screening, and fingerprinting.
  • A letter from a security firm offering a security guard position.
  • Enrollment in and completion of a state-approved unarmed guard training course.
  • Take an approved firearms training course and pass it.
  • Fill out an application for armed security guard registration.

A candidate must complete a training course and pass an exam to consider. A 40-hour training course is usually the bare minimum. Then there’s a separate training, usually around eight hours long and dubbed “Power of Arrest.” The next step is for fingerprints to taken and sent to the FBI.

It is possible to work as an unarmed security guard after obtaining this type of security guard license. To obtain an armed guard card, you must first obtain an unarmed guard card, then complete a firearms training course approved by the state, as well as fill out an application for armed security guard licensure.

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