When you ask – Can felons work at Starbucks; let us know more about the company first. Whether you are looking for a new job or changing jobs, employment for criminals is a big challenge. Starbuck has more than 30,000 coffee shops and about 300,000 employees worldwide, as a giant in the coffee shop sector.

Starbucks is most people’s dream – including felons. Thanks to its workforce and impressive employee welfare. However, considering the typical challenge of felons a common question among people living with records is – can felons work at Starbucks? Now let us see if you are able to get a job with your record from Starbucks.

Good news – Starbucks is not interested in the criminal stories of applicants. However, a candidate who clears the entire round has to pass from one conditional; they would conduct a criminal background check. Starbucks individually reviews all applicant background reports. Interestingly, many criminals have their dream jobs at Starbucks.

The company establishes a committee that reviews former criminals’ applications. Couples of factors that affect the decision of this Committee are the location of the warehouse and the position the applicant wants. While the effect of your criminal past may be more important than other factors, so have a background check in your mind. Starbucks has hired and continues to hire ex-criminals with its felon-friendly employment policies.

Can felons work at Starbucks? – Conditions to meet for recruitment

Starbucks is the world’s biggest employer with a massive 27,000 locations worldwide and around 238,000 employees in its outlets. Starbucks can be the best option for anyone willing to work in a restaurant.

Everyone knows that criminals, including restaurants and shops, should apply everywhere. This offers them more and more opportunities. As many companies try to avoid criminals, however applying at Starbucks will increase the liking of getting a job in this massive company.

Starbucks offers a huge number of placements. It also includes important background inspections. This is the main prerequisite for employing criminals. Starbucks hires criminals with sufficient background controls. They hire felons on these few conditions.

  • The felon committed the time the crime
  • The term of the felon’s sentence
  • Crime committed in magnitude
  • Is the ex-offender able to perform the job?
  • Reputable organizations’ assurance of character

If the felons are subjected to these conditions, then the person can get a job at Starbucks. Although some of the outlets require that character assurance be provided, some may not. However, to be 100% certain, they prefer the felons to certify by any reputed institution for their personality. For every Starbucks outlet worldwide, this background check process is mandatory.

If a felon was selected, then the background inspection round must be for the candidate. The selection of the application is just a preliminary step for requesting a background check. The positive results of this session will determine why the job should be given to you.

Can Felons Work at Starbucks? – The hiring process

Can felons work at Starbucks? You will wish to shape your curriculum vitae to match what you are looking for and pay attention to the qualities of your work descriptions. For instance, Baristas must “engage in clear and pleasant communication. And understand their customers, including discovering and responding to customers’ needs.” Any experience in other cafes or coffee shops you have previously had will therefore be useful. Emphasize how you like to help meet the needs of every customer.

Does Starbucks do a Background Check?

Yeah, Starbucks will do a background check after they have given you a job. This background check will be used to close the job. Either Starbucks chooses to disqualify the record or if it allows you to explain, why you should be hired.


Lastly, on the list of can felons work at Starbucks? You should always be aware that it is necessary to take responsibility for all of your actions. A convicted felon should always hold to account for all acts. If one can feel sorry about their negative actions, only then can he be a better person? A criminal should also remember this and should be truthful in words.

Starbucks trust in hope and therefore give their hands to criminals. The whole life of a felon should not ashamed. They should gain self-knowledge and try to live a peaceful life after their sentence is completed. The peace and comfort that everyone wants are certainly given to them in a job.

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