A position in the hotel industry could be just what you need to get your career back on track after a criminal conviction. Therefore, have you ever considered the following: Can felons work in Marriott Hotels?

The hotels and resorts of Marriott International are well known throughout the United States. Working there is still a dream for many. However, as a felon, things might not go your way.

For individuals with a criminal record, there might be a thousand questions going on in your mind. Continue reading, this article will address your questions:

Can Felons Work in Marriott Hotels?

Does Marriott conduct background checks?

How can you get a job at Marriott if you have a felony on your record?

What felony convictions may make it difficult to get hired?

Is there a drug test at Marriott International?

Let’s find answers to these questions here!

Can Felons Work in Marriott Hotels?

Yes. Marriott does hire prisoners. However, it depends on the type of offense the person convicted of and according to the time since their release.

Marriott International is a non-discriminatory employer. It means they do not discriminate against candidates based on caste, creed, color, race, or any other legal ground. You can expect offenders to treat with the same respect.

Does Marriott conduct background checks?

As part of its employment procedure, Marriott International conducts background checks, identity verification, criminal history, credit reports, driving records, educational records. In addition, past employment records are common components of background checks too.

Above all, depending on the role you’re applying for, all or part of these factors will examine. Consequently, person employed for a position that does not require driving, for example, is unlikely to have his driving records reviewed.

Before, conducting a background check, the employer obligated by law to obtain the applicant’s consent. Refusing to obtain consent might used as justification for denying employment.

You must be as truthful as possible on the application form. Any information you try to conceal will almost discovered by background checks, disqualifying your application.

If you’re asked about criminal charges during the interview, be honest and open about the situation. Assure them, that you’ve taken the essential steps to avoid getting into trouble again.

After you’ve discharged, highlight any work experience or skills you’ve gained. This demonstrates that you are willing to put in the effort necessary to make great changes in your life.

How can you get a job at Marriott with a felony on your record?

Marriott is a global hotel company with 30 brands and over 7,000 locations in 131 countries and territories.

If you want to work with Marriott International, start by looking at their job postings. Moreover, you can apply for open job positions online, which categorized by skill and region. In addition, you must fill out your personal information, educational background, and past employment history. Furthermore, you must take an eligibility test known as “Job Qualification Questions.”

During the test, you must select the appropriate answer based on how you will handle certain circumstances, such as “If a guest lost a bag in the room,” on the test. The eligibility test consists of eight questions that you must answer within three days of submitting your application.

You will be contacted for a personal interview if your application is chosen. Your interview questions will depend on your previous work experience and talents.

Dress professionally, be on time for your interview, and wear business casual. And, respond to the questions to the best of your ability.

What Felony Convictions may make it Difficult to get Hired?

Can Felons Work in Marriott Hotels? While they may do, certain felonies may jeopardize your chances. Because you will be dealing with many different people if you have a criminal record that includes any of the following offenses, you might have a difficulty being recruited at Marriott International:

  • Crimes of violence
  • Crimes involving drugs or alcohol
  • Theft and Stealing
  • Breaking

Is there a Drug Test at Marriott International?

They do a drug test and state on the application that they do so. A pre-employment drug test may administer to prospective workers. A negative result will allow you employment, except for the marijuana testing. Applicants who refuse to tested or who test positive for drugs will not hired and will be ineligible to reapply for six months.

Final Thoughts

The hospitality business is often willing to give people a second opportunity and pays handsomely. If you have professional experience in the business, you have a decent chance of recruited at Marriott International.

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