When it comes to the ex-felons work with Bank of America, once out of prison, felons strive to urge their lives back on target. The primary step they have to require is checking out their career. The sad part is that finding employment gets difficult. Many organizations refrain from hiring felons supported by their criminal history.

Bank of America may be a fast-paced bank that strives to be the simplest in its class. The bank is rich in cultural diversity and believes in creating a secure workplace for its employees.

Can the ex-felons work with Bank of America? – Know more here

While felons may refrain from applying at Bank of America, it is an excellent place to start. If you are curious about finance and you have got the proper skill set to match then you will be ready to get employment at Bank of America even with a felony conviction. Bank of America does undergo every application with a fine comb. After all, it is one of the most important banking institutes within the USA. There are approximately 0.14 million employees working in the bank in more than 6,500 branches in 32 states of America.

The Bank of America focuses on three major sectors as mentioned below.

  • Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Wealth & Investment Management
  • Consumer & Small Business Banking

Ex-felons work with Bank of America – The opportunities

Talking about the opportunities with Bank of America, it offers several positions, which can include an entry-level job to managerial level work. While entry-level positions at Bank of America do not require too many special certifications, the upper positions do.

Generally, a felon should aim to use for beginner-level positions at Bank of America. While the bank does hire felons, it is not that easy to urge employment here. You want to have an ethical character certificate and powerful references to urge the past.

Can the ex-felons work with Bank of America? – The hiring process

Bank of America may be a heavily regulated financial organization. The organization has to be very cautious while hiring employees. One mistake could ruin the reputation of the bank. However, it is one among those banks that do not ask you about your past criminal history. While they are not a part of the Ban, the Box initiative or the Fair Chances Business pledge, they assess a candidate who supported their skillset.

1. The background check process

Background checks became an integral procedure for many organizations. A background check is even more important during a banking scenario. Employees need to affect valuable assets including money, which is why the bank does not take its checks lightly. Aside from verifying the identity, qualification, and credentials of a possible employee, they also check their criminal history. If during this check, for a few reasons, the bank sees a red flag they will reject an application.

2. Credibility Check

Bank of America must make sure the financial stability of its employees. If your financials are in trouble, you will not get employment at Bank of America.

3. Drug test

You should remember that after you pass a background check, you furthermore might get to pass a drug test. In most cases, this is often a urine drug test. While this is often conducted together with your consent before being hired, Bank of America can also conduct random drug testing if they are suspicious of your behavior.

4. Identity Verification

Your resume is thoroughly screened and each detail mentioned is cross-verified. If you propose applying for employment at Bank of America, do not mention any false information. This is often because your application will be rejected if caught.

What kind of felony is banned at Bank of America?

As a felon, you will want to refrain from applying for higher positions if your conviction was recent. Individuals with misdemeanors could also be ready to get employment more easily. However, it depends on the type of crime committed by the individual. Furthermore, the person who has committed subsequent crimes is banned from getting employment at Bank of America.

  • Domestic violence
  • Forgery
  • Theft
  • Money Laundering
  • Larceny

Final thoughts

There you are. The Bank of America with its multiple offers can become a valid point for the felons to be hired. Without a doubt, individuals with felonies can have a lucrative career in the financial sector.

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