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Careers for felons are no walk in the park. Having a felony record amplifies the challenges. This comes as no surprise since non-ex-felons themselves face challenges in job profiles.

But, having a criminal record should never prevent someone from searching for jobs. This implies knowing how a felony background can impact a job profile.

Impact of Felony Background on Job Profile

One in three Americans possesses a criminal record, as informed by the National Conference of State Legislatures. This number estimates to be roughly 77 million people.

Besides, 94% of employers use at least one type of background screening. These numbers imply that 77 million people have a high chance of getting eliminated or discriminated against by major background checks.

Now, that’s a high rate of unemployment.

So, one of the major impacts of a felony record on a job profile is getting eliminated.

But, over the years, attitudes have changed. Many states and companies have taken the “ban the box” approach. This has relaxed the job norms. As a result, ex-felons have higher chances of getting meaningful jobs.

But, it never means all felons can get every job. How a felony record affects careers for felons depends on the crime’s nature. This also depends on the job you are applying for.

Like, if someone has a record of child abuse, they will never get a job as a school teacher. If people have cases of financial fraud, they have zero chances of getting accountant jobs.

So, the nature of crime affects the job you are applying for. The time or the frequency of felony records also impacts careers for felons.

Like, car theft committed 25 years ago, and recent cases of 25 car thefts are different. These differently impact ex-felons.

Things They Can Do

Employees perform background checks on candidates. This puts ex-felons under tense scrutiny.

No law can prevent employers from doing candidate checks. But, what they can do is stop using criminal checks to eliminate candidates. That’s where the “ban the box” feature comes in.

Employers using this feature give fair chances to ex-felons. They conduct background checks for them only in the final stages of hiring. But, they also focus on the skills and experiences of ex-felons.

If employers find a connection between the job profile and felony record, consider having no chance of getting the job.

Things You Can Do

Careers for felons can be frustrating. But, it never means you will stop trying to have a fresh start.

If you are worried about background check results, you can perform the following steps and get to know the result beforehand.

  • Run a paid criminal check in yourself
  • Get the check report
  • Check for errors in the report
  • Contact the report provider (company) to settle the error if you have found any.

Also, keep the necessary documents ready. You may need these during background checks. 

Besides, what you have done after serving a sentence can occur during the interview discussion. Prepare yourself to discuss the record. Show your genuine willingness to seek jobs. But, there is no need to over-emphasize.

Final Thoughts

Careers for felons are challenging. But, now, with relaxed norms, as an ex-felon, you have better chances. Skills and experiences matter for second chance jobs for felons.

But, the nature and frequency of crimes impact the job profile. These affect the chances of getting hired.

As an ex-felon, you can get your own background check. This will help in knowing what the employers will see after getting your background report.

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