To secure your future, you need a promising career. But among the many paths you can take in life, there are special careers that felons can pursue. These professions are special not because other people can’t get into them, but because they are felon-friendly.

As a felon, there are definitely limits as you try to build a career for yourself. But if you follow the ones listed here, you will not only have an easier time, but you will also make a lot of money along the way.

Besides the monetary part of it, these career paths will help you make up for your past mistakes. They will also put you in a position to help other people who may find themselves struggling to stay out of crime.

The legal profession

As someone who has been through the process of the law, this is a sensible path to follow. There is no state in the country that will stop you from chasing your dream of being a lawyer. So do not worry about your criminal record.

You will just have to go through a longer process when trying to obtain a license to practice. In many states, you will have to wait several years after your conviction before you can practice law.

But what is more important is for your civil rights to be restored. And this can take different lengths of time with respect to the nature of the crime you were guilty of. An average lawyer earns over $100,000 a year.

Robotic and automation engineering

With a career in this aspect of engineering, you will blend well with the enhanced world of technology.

Most businesses are using robots and smart machines during production. And those that have not yet adopted this method are making plans to do so as soon as possible. So there will always be a demand for your skills.

After getting a bachelor’s degree in any engineering field, you can get special training to become a robotics engineer. Salaries are usually between $100,000 and $120,000.

Guidance and counseling

Felons are doing very well in this profession, and the reason for this is not farfetched. Since many young people can easily be misguided, it takes someone with your kind of past to counsel them.

When ex-felons practice counseling, it is not only from their training but also from their personal experiences. After getting the required certifications and licenses, you can make well over $60,000.


Building a career is not restricted to having a job. You can still make good money and impact society as a business owner. There are many businesses out there, but it is better to start the one that conforms to your natural talents.

Also, make sure that the business you choose is not related to the crime you pled guilty to. This will make it easier for you to get licensed.

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