Many people with a felony conviction ask one question – ‘Are there any agencies hiring felons in the USA?’

Well, the answer is YES! 

Even with a criminal record, there are cellular and cable companies in the USA that hire felons. No doubt, you might have to go through background checks or specific verification; still, the ex-cons can apply for the job & get it.

While getting a job with felony can be tricky, take note that hundreds of small and large businesses are willing to hire felons. These organizations do not discriminate applicants with criminal record, and many might not consider going for a background check too.

Do not limit yourself and find the job that fits you the best.

Cellular & Cable Agencies Hiring Felons in the USA – Best Jobs for Felons

Many large and mid-sized companies in the USA, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, and more hire felons. Still, it depends on the job opportunity, openings, function, and position.

Not only big and mid-sized, even the small-scale businesses also allow felons to work giving them a nice second chance.

Many of the agencies hiring felons in the USA are construction, welding, truck driving, painting, plumbing, or similar businesses. If you have a criminal background, any bank, school, or educational institution might not allow you to work there. So, it’s better to opt for cellular and cable agencies to get your life back on track.

However, it strictly depends on the nature of crime you have committed in the past.

With that said, let’s compile the list of cellular and cable agencies hiring felons in the USA.

Top Cellular & Cable Agencies Hiring Felons in the USA

You might be willing to work at your favorite IT company or food/restaurant chain, which is difficult after a felony. But, you can get a job at renowned cellular and cable companies with a criminal record depending on the felony type.

Note that you have to stay attentive and apply for as many job openings as possible to steal a place. Because, many people with no criminal history are also applying for the job, the probability of getting a job lessens.

However, we writing the names of cellular and cable companies do not mean they will definitely hire you or there are current job openings. It depends on the job posts available with the associated companies.

Here goes the list of cellular companies that hire felons.


One of the largest cable companies in the USA according to the number of subscribers, Comcast hires felons without any discrimination.

Moreover, you also get amazing career growth options in this company with family-like supportive teams. The company does not differentiate felons with other employees.

Starting your career at Comcast would be a wonderful choice as it is a world-famous brand. However, your nature of crime can affect whether you will get a job or not. Still, there is no wrong in applying for the job in this brand.     

Check out the available jobs here


T-mobile is a wireless mobile network operator company in the USA that hires felons to work. A global brand name does not require any explanation.

Even with a criminal background, if you have right skills and experience, T-mobile won’t discriminate while giving you the job. Again, the type of crime will surely be considered when giving you any work.

It generally depends on how long ago you committed the crime and what’s your personality while applying for the job. The employers consider many factors while giving any work responsibility to felons. Pay attention to these factors to get a job hassle-free.

Check out the available jobs here


Another wireless telecommunication company that is a well-known brand in the USA and globally. AT&T is one of the biggest cellular companies in the USA that felons can apply for. You also get a chance of promotion and nice per-hour pay in this giant company.

AT&T treats felons with same respect, culture, and pay range. There is no discrimination between felons and other employees. It’s just that you have to work on your personality and establish your image as a transformed person.

AT&T employees are offered great pay scale and regular promotions. Apply for the job in this prominent telecommunication company worry-free.     

Check out the available jobs here

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