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Yes, it is not easy for a felon to get a job because of his past records. Every company wants an employee with a clean slate. However, things are changing in the USA. Some government policies and a changed attitude of employers have brought this positive turn in hiring ex-convicts.

Employees with past criminal records deserve a fair chance to start their life again. Besides, there is a considerable percentage of people with criminal records in the USA. So, it is important to offer them job opportunities. Otherwise, the problem of unemployment will be on the rise. And this will result in unnerving the overall economy.

Here, we will discuss some government policies. All of these policies aim to offer felons “second chances,” as that is what the country believes at heart. We will also mention some companies willing to employ felons. It’s for all the job seekers who want to be a part of society again. And they want to earn a living as the first step toward that.

Government Programs Bringing the Changes

The first government program that wants to fix the felon employment scene is the “Fair Chance Pledge”. It asks business owners to create job chances for all, regardless of their criminal records. It encourages practices like banning the box, and training HR staff to decide fairly on felon applicants. Besides, it asks businesses to provide felons with proper internship and job opportunities.

There is another government program that aims to create job opportunities. It is known as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit or WOTC. It offers tax credits to businesses or entities that employ applicants from a specified group. This specified or targeted group includes ex-felons. The Federal Bonding Program, started by the US Department of Labor in 1966, also is beneficial for felony employment.

In the presence of these laws and norms, nowadays, many companies are hiring ex-convicts. Let’s get you through them.


It’s great that one of the biggest retail chains is hiring ex-convicts in the USA. There is no assurance of the position you will be hired for. However, your scope of securing employment with the company is pretty high. Besides, the company offers equal treatment to felon employees, and they are provided with equal benefits. As a whole, the company tries to maintain a nice working environment. So, if you are looking for a job leaving your felony record behind, Walmart can be your next employer. You have to just keep track of the openings and apply through a proper resume.

Meta Formerly Facebook

Did you ever think that you could become a part of this social media giant with a felony record? Yes, it’s very much possible, thanks to their employment rules about hiring ex-convicts. You can be well-placed in the company’s IT, administrative and corporate departments. Besides, the company rewards its employees with various perks and benefits. The company also takes care of its employees by offering benefits like transportation, an on-site health center, and laundry.


This e-commerce biggie offers second chance jobs for ex-felons. In fact, Amazon has a clear employment policy about hiring ex-convicts. The chance of you finding a job at Amazon depends on your type of criminal record. It is not quite open to people with sexual, theft, or drug crimes. However, if you have been convicted previously with any other charge, your chance of securing a position is quite high. Besides, if your latest crime charge is more than 7 years old, the company will not take that into account.

Further, the employment policy of this company is against any type of bias against its employees with felony records. The company has quite a few ex-felons in many positions.

American Express

This financial institution believes in the value of inclusion and is pretty much vocal about hiring ex-convicts. It creates employment chances for ex-felons with a proper background check. Each felon job-seeking case is treated separately based on the company’s employment policies and parameters. So, if you’ve some past experience or want to join the banking sector, apply for a job at American Express.

Calvin Klein

Do you want to begin your second innings by joining a global lifestyle brand? You can definitely try getting a job at Calvin Klein. The company is high in its ideals. At the same time, it never shies away from implementing them into its employment and business policies.

Calvin Klein is a welcome exception amidst many companies that are not friendly in terms of felon employment. It believes in hiring ex-convicts. It has gone one step ahead by creating a good working environment for all employees, irrespective of their criminal records. Also, they will not put much stress when you apply for a job at Calvin Klein.


Dell is well-known globally for its computer and IT products. However, the company must be also praised for its norms of hiring ex-convicts. It offers equal chances to job seekers and employees with felony records. Besides, it provides many benefits that make working at this organization worthy of your time and effort. Further, it is an important mission of the company to hire employees who have some past criminal records. Therefore, you can be a part of this company if you have the skills and experience.


This is really big news! Google does not exclude the option of hiring ex-convicts. The company follows innovative and latest techniques in its employment process and decision-making.  It also offers equal job chances to all, irrespective of their background. Therefore, you can really grow your career and life on a big scale this time by joining Google.

Final Words

As a job seeker, you can see that there are a lot of job opportunities for you. Apart from the above-mentioned companies, many employers like Casio, Boeing, and Apple are known for hiring ex-convicts with open arms. Most importantly, there are employment chances for ex-felons in the United States Armed Forces. So, all you need is to keep your eyes and ears open about the felony job openings. At the same time, prepare a good resume that will improve your employability. Wishing you all the luck in your future!

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