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When it comes to felon’s background checks, many of them wonder what could reveal. Their criminal past may relate to a violent, non-violent, or minor offence. Specifically, when felons seek employment, the background checks reveal everything despite hiding the things.

Further, it depends on the company’s hiring policies and how they assess the felons. It directly affects the felons seeking jobs. Either they will be hired or disqualified, that is it. Let us know more about the types of background checks, and how far they can go for felons.

Felon’s background checks – Know the types

Talking about revealing the past, background checks can go from crime to credibility. It is advisable for the felons to disclose with honesty, or else they will end up in trouble. Even they can go back to prison if they tell a lie during an interview.

1. Background check for criminal activity

Here, the purpose of a background check is to know more about the criminal history. It also takes into consideration arrest records, convictions, prosecutions and much more. In order to fetch a felon’s criminal record, the agencies make use of data obtained from state records, federal records, or county records.

The data check based on state or county records can go back to seven years or more. It includes checking the criminal convictions and reportable non-convictions for a felon. Whereas, the federal cases for a felon can cover the entire USA and other territories.

Most of the employers make use of the data from the past seven years. Meanwhile, some of them may ask for a deeper inquiry. This holds true for the companies that require high-security clearance before hiring a felon. Secondly, the criminal background check includes fingerprint verification of a felon.

2. Felon’s background checks for healthcare department

Felons who apply for a job in the healthcare department has to undergo a background check. Here, the OIG – Office of Inspector General, provides assistance. The department ensures before hiring a felon if he or she is not engaged in a healthcare-related crime. To name a few, healthcare crimes can include patient abuse, dealing with wrong prescriptions to the patients, and much more.

Furthermore, the background check ensures that the applicant has a valid license. The pre-employment phase in the healthcare department performs this check.

3. Background check and screening for drugs

Talking about the drug screening method for felons, it is a part of the pre-employment screening. However, some companies use this background check after the clearance of other stages of the interview. Felons need to undergo a drug test if they apply to a hospital.

Not just about the felons, the employees also undergo drug tests. It becomes imperative at the workplace to make sure the people are not intoxicated. Some employees might indulge in taking drugs, and this test helps to find them out.

Meanwhile, the drug screening test includes urine test, hair testing, and saliva test. Here, the drugs such as Cocaine, Opiates, THC, PCP, etc are considered. The hair test can go back up to three to four months, detecting the drug use.

4. Background check for work history

Verification of work history and education is the most common method used by companies. Based on the package the company is offering to a felon, it is imperative to verify. First, the interviewer will take into consideration the felon’s resume. It states the work experience, qualification, time duration of work at a specific position, and much more.

However, the authenticity of the resume tallies with background verification. Some companies may find discrepancies that can disqualify the applicants. Further, if the work history is too old, it can relate to a closed company. Meanwhile, the education checks for felon’s academic records. Verification is possible using the school, college, and degrees.

5. Background check for credibility

From all the background check types mentioned above, this one looks for a person’s credibility. For the companies that hire people to handle finances, this kind of check is required. It shows the financial standing of a person and how much responsibility is towards work.

Not only for the felon’s background checks but also property owners ensure a background check on their tenants. Based on the credibility, the tenant is seen as reliable to pay rent. The focus is to hire felons with good credit without any defaulter information.

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