Difference between Printed and Digital Resume – Resumes are an essential part of the recruitment process. Though it started as a paper document, now it has transformed into digital.

The digital format of the resume is designed for search in Text and HTML online. It is also available in PDF and Microsoft Word files to download in print format. The competition in the job industry is tough, and to stand out; you should be able to accommodate your resume in any format, according to the needs of the recruiter. 

What is a Printed Resume? 

The printed resume is the hard-copy or physical version of your resume. The recruiter mostly requests a printed version of the resume to the candidates selected for the interview process. The resume’s content may vary depending on the qualifications and the experience. 

What is Digital Resume? 

Internet and digitization have changed the recruitment process of companies entirely. Now jobs are posted online, but also resumes are reviewed online. If there is a vacancy for any job, you have to apply for the same with a digital resume. Though a digital summary is relatively new, there is not just one format that can be described as digital.

There are YouTube resumes, full-fledged, ambitious website resumes, and Linked-In accounts resumes; all these are examples of Digital resumes. In simple words, ‘digital resume’ is the resume available online. 

Difference between Printed and Digital Resume

Let’s talk about the 4 significant differences between printed and digital resume formats.

1. Both Resumes Require Separate Kind of Formatting 

The printed resume has to be nicely formatted with bullets and pointers, with white space. It gives an excellent presentation to the printed format of the resume. Also, this resume is rarely limited to just one page; the bigger it is, the better it looks. 

However, that is not the case with the digital resume. When you are E-mailing the resume, you should avoid adding any fancy bullets and pointers. In the digital format, it will look funky and not at all professional. The digital resumes are designed to be opened and read by the computer, and thus, the simple resume will be easier to understand. The computer will be able to scan simple resumes much more quickly. 

Always convert your digital resume into PDF to ensure that the formatting does not get screwed up.

2. Physical Resumes Requires Standard Piece of Paper 

Physical resumes require standard quality white or cream-colored paper. So, a huge quantity of paper still goes into creating a high-quality printed resume.

However, that is not the case with the digital resume. As the name suggests, it is a digital format, and thus you can create with all the designs animations and show off all your creativity in a digital way.

3. Digital Resumes Require Keywords 

The computer reads digital Resumes. You have to make sure that the employer discovers it; you need to insert some of the common keywords used by the employer to match for a job opening. If you are not sure which keywords to use, you can find them in the job description of the one you are applying for.

However, that cannot be said for the physical resume as you have to hand over the resume directly to the recruiter. The recruiter does not discover it, so there is no emphasis on including job-related keywords in the Physical resume.

4. Unlimited Sharing With Digital Resumes 

When it comes to digital resumes, you need not be physically represented in an organization to handover the resume to the recruitment manager.

With just one click, you apply for a job at unlimited organizations at once, with your digital resume, sitting at home. However, that is not the case with the physical resume.


Modern tools and digitization has offered various methods of showcasing creativity in the resume. However, the key question here is, “Which resume format is better?”

We prefer digital format, with which you can easily apply for a job from anywhere, submitting your online resume. 

Moreover, companies always demand digital resumes before scheduling an interview. Most importantly, you can contribute to reducing the wastage of paper by inclining more towards digital resumes. 

Lastly, unlike paper resumes, once a digital/electronic resume is online, there’s no way for you to misplace it, and having one can be pretty helpful in a pinch if you have to provide someone with your resume quickly.

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