It is no longer news that being an ex-convict does not stop you from getting a job. And since airlines hire felons, it is even easier for you to get a job at an airport.

One beautiful thing about working for an airline is that it is adventurous. You’ll never get bored in such a line of work, and you’ll get to meet different kinds of people.

No matter your level of education, there is a job for you at an airline. Though some pay more than others, what you get depends on what you qualify for.

If you have applied for a job at an airline and got rejected, it is not because of your criminal record. Airlines hire felons, and there is no law that says they should stop doing so.

What this means is that your rejection most likely came from the fact that you did not have suitable qualifications for the position you applied for. But you can work on yourself and go back to the airline if you really want the job.

Airline jobs and the qualifications they require

To properly prepare yourself for the job you can do at the airport, you need to know the right requirements.

On this list, you will see the jobs that you can do immediately after you get out of prison. They have very basic requirements, and the pay depends on how many hours you can work in a day.

For the advanced ones, you’ll need more education and qualifications to apply, but don’t worry if you don’t have them. You can always begin your career at the bottom of the airline industry and work your way up as you use a portion of your earnings to fund your education.

You can actually start anywhere, and as long as you are not complacent, you will go higher with time.

Flight attendant

Airlines hire felons to be flight attendants in almost every state in the country. So, if you are interested in this adventurous and classy line of work, you can still get the job.

The only problem would be if you could not pass a drug or alcohol test. You must be able to pass them before you can get a flight attendant job. Another issue is the duration of time you have been away from prison.

If you have been convicted within the last five years, you may not get the job as a flight attendant. So you may have to wait for a while or do other jobs as time passes.

Not all airlines do this, though. Some of them are more lenient than others. But the drug and alcohol tests are mandatory for all airlines.

You can make almost 40,000 dollars working as a flight attendant. And you will have to go through training and get some certifications from the FAA.

Airport security officer

As an airport security officer, you will be making $13 per hour of work. At the airport, a lot of things could easily go wrong as many people fly in and out. It will be your job as a security officer to make sure that people are safe and their bags are secure.

You will have to screen passengers and check for unlawful items by searching their bags. This will be a good job for you if you have always wanted to be in law enforcement.

A basic high school diploma will be enough to get you started in this job. But it is advisable to get more training in order to sell yourself.

Airline reservation agent 

When you visit the airport, the person you see at the counter is an airline reservation agent. They also work as customer service agents, and you will always see them at information desks.

If you like this job and want to do it, you will need at least a GED or high school diploma. The salary is usually around $15 per hour.

Aircraft maintenance technician

It is the job of aircraft maintenance technicians to make sure that the plane is safe and ready to fly. If you would like to do this job, you will surely need more than a high school diploma to qualify.

You will need to go through an aircraft maintenance program in a school approved by the FAA. After that, you will write an exam to get a license before you start applying.

This job will earn you 23 dollars per hour and a lot of respect to help your reputation.

Airline food service worker

In this line of work, you will be responsible for producing and distributing food to passengers and airport visitors.

You will also do things like cleaning and maintaining the cooking area and any other work that is typically done in a restaurant.

It is true that you only need a GED or high school diploma for this job. But being a felon means you have to do more than everyone else, so get extra training and earn a certificate.

Most airlines will train you on the job, but go the extra mile before they employ you. This will make you more qualified even if airlines hire felons for this job with basic requirements.

Airlines that hire felons

After going through the jobs listed above, you will need to know the airlines that will hire you for them. Though all airlines can hire felons for different roles, the ones listed here have publicly declared that they don’t discriminate.

  • Delta Airlines

Delta is one of the oldest airlines operating in the world today. They are consistently ranked as one of the best airlines in the USA. So, working for them will be good for your career.

  • American Airlines

This is another major airline in the USA. When ranked by fleet size, they own the largest in the world. This airline has been in business since 1926, so you will be working in an established environment.

  • United Airlines

Also founded in 1926, United Airlines is one of the best in the USA. They hire without dsicimination and working with them will be good for your CV.

Do Airlines hire felons?

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