“There’s no way I could work at an airport,” many former felons say when it comes to working for an airline. Today, we are looking at the query – Do American Airlines Hire Felons with Criminal History.

While other airlines only fly inside their territory, American Airlines serves the whole United States and the rest of the world. This implies they will require a large number of excellent personnel to keep everything working at all of their locations. Today readers will learn how to acquire a job with American Airlines despite having a felony conviction in this article.

Do American Airlines Hire Felons with Criminal History?

According to research, American Airlines is willing to hire convicted offenders. However, this may vary based on the specific work. It will also vary depending on the specifics of the offense. If you have a history of violent or sexual offenses, the firm may be unwilling to recruit you. They would also be skeptical if the crime had occurred recently. You may also be unable to obtain some special qualifications if you have a criminal background.

American Airlines Hire Felons – Background check process

Yes, American Airlines conducts background checks on all applicants before hiring them. Therefore, criminal records and drug tests are included in these screenings. Records checked for at least ten years. On your record, they list all of your charges. Both crimes and misdemeanors are included. The checks also include information about the offense.

Before hiring, all applicants must pass a drug test. These indicate the presence of all medications in your system. Your application will disqualify if you use illegal drugs. Prescription medications will not expire as long as your doctor has written you a valid prescription.

American Airlines Hire Felons – Find the best careers

American Airlines hire felons and offers a variety of entry-level positions. A SIDA badge may be required for some employment, depending on the exact region. You will not be able to receive this if you have a felony record.

  • Flight attendant
  • Fleet service agent
  • Clerical
  • Cleaner
  • Office-based reservation representatives

Flight Attendants & Fleet service agents

On the flights, flight attendants assist with meal service, safety training, and passenger care. This does not necessitate any particular abilities. However, you must be able to work with mobility and some physical exertion. The majority of the time, fleet service agents deal with passenger bags. You may be in charge of some cleaning. Further, you will spend moving bags and using the belts. You must be able to lift heavy objects and work outdoors too.

Clerical staff in offices

In offices, clerical staff provides administrative support. You will be in charge of basic office duties. To execute this work, you should be able to read well. The cleaning of various portions of the plane is the responsibility of the cleaners. You will also report any repairs that are required. Safety regulations are required, but you do not need to know them prior to starting the job. You should be able to perform physical labor as well.

Reservation staff

In the bookings center, office-based reservations representatives work. Customers will contact you. In addition, will be in charge of selling tickets and ensuring that reservations are made. Therefore, you should be familiar with the company’s policies and agreements.

Application Process at American Airlines

Job applications for American Airlines are available online. On the job position, you want to apply for, click “apply now.” You have the option of creating a new account or logging in with your LinkedIn credentials. The rest of the application is available on the website.

If you have a criminal past, the application may inquire about it. This could come up in the interview as well. It is crucial to be honest about it because they will find out via the background check regardless. This is an opportunity for you to explain your circumstances at the time of the offense.

Interpersonal abilities are crucial. Any customer service or group work experience you have needed to list. Include your work background as well. You should also include any education you have had. This includes any training you obtained while incarcerated.


On April 15, 1926, American Airlines took off for the first time. The airline is one of the largest in the United States, employing over 900,000 people globally. American airlines hire felons and you may be eligible for a variety of positions. More information about open positions can be found on the company’s website.

Those having a criminal record are eager to be considered by America Airlines. However, not all infractions will be taken into account. Some offenses immediately disqualify a candidate.

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